Trend Report – Spring Summer 2015

September 28, 2014
Anila Q. Agha with her prize winning artwork "Intersections"
Anila Q. Agha Making us Proud!
October 13, 2014

Dolce and Gabbana - SS15 Milan - beauty trends

By Fareeha Qayoom

Dolce and Gabbana - SS15 Milan - beauty trends

Dolce and Gabbana – SS15 Milan – beauty trends

Clothes are essential, every day and routine, they also serve as tribal markers, as a uniform belonging to a particular group, culture or section of society, to describe a particular period of history, and as a work of art.

This journey will never end as long as we (humanity) are around. So yes, I have always been interested in clothes and fashion – not only for its historic or cultural value but purely because I like to observe how people choose to express themselves through their clothes.

I have never followed fashion blindly or ever been called a fashion victim by my peers but still fashion remains one of my abiding interests – since I have started learning to sew, I have become interested in history of fashion as well. Nowadays, I am sporadically researching on things like who set the trend or wore the first navy inspired striped tee with jeans (haven’t found the answer yet!) or why I like the original Doc Martens shoes – because of its military inspired design or why is denim so popular? Etc.,

I have many favorite designs that have been around forever and I wear them regardless of what’s hot or not… I wear all the cuts and silhouettes– wide, narrow, tapered, flared, fitted, skinny, relaxed, boot cut, kick flared, cigarette with all kinds of lengths mini, midi and maxi – it actually depends on my mood, not what’s currently hot, so no, I no longer religiously follow the fashion weeks across the fashion capitals of the world for trend forecasting or for personal wardrobe choices – it’s more for its curiosity value now. I still tune in.

So here’s what’s going to be hot or cool next year in spring and summer… Enjoy.

SS15 trends

  • Wide leg pants
  • Kick flare jeans
  • Culottes
  • Tapered, cigarette pants
  • Duster coats
  • Long, lean silhouette
  • Long white dress (LWD)
  • Sheer, nude, see-through, peek a boo tops or bottoms with strategic embellishments
  • Lots of skin on show with cut-out detailing, bralets, and low necklines
  • Sportswear crossing over to daywear, work clothes and on the street
  • Technical fabrics like mesh
  • White on white top to bottom – monochrome dressing is back
  • Military influences like utility pockets
  • 1970s inspirations – summer of love – flares, platform shoes, glitter, center parting (hair)
  • Sporty platform sandals
  • Fringes, feathers, ruffles
  • Halter necks
  • Cat eyes and dramatic splash of color on the eyes
  • Huge prints – nature inspired florals, big, bold color drenched geometric prints – stripes, gingham, plaids
  • Gladiator sandals
  • Sneakers or trainers paired with daywear
  • Colors – poster colors like yellow, orange, green, white, pastels
  • Asymmetric – spliced fabrics, bias cut, uneven hemlines, one shoulder garments
  • Color block
  • Denim
  • Beauty – braids, pony tails, center parting, natural soft curls, doll lashes, cat eyes, straight hair, temporary tattoos, face art













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Fareeha Qayoom
Fareeha Qayoom
Publisher and editor-in-chief of and former print editions of The Knit-Xtyle Fashion Review (tkfr), a trade newsletter for the textile and apparel industry of Pakistan. In short, Publisher, editor, and a blogger. In addition, she has served as Managing Editor of MIT Technology Review Pakistan, print and web editions (2015-16). Total of 7 editions were published under her leadership by ITU, Punjab's first public technology university under the license of MIT Technology Review (USA). She has also managed Value Mag in the same capacity, a real estate and lifestyle magazine for Value TV - 2008-9. Published freelancer for The News on Sunday 1994-96. Fareeha has over 21 years of solid management experience – of managing brands (like Harley Davidson, Munsingwear, Chaps, Chaps Ralph Lauren etc.,), Retailers (like Target, Mervyns, Kohl's, Marks and Spencer etc.,), customers (VPs, Product Managers, Unit Managers, and Buyers), and products (apparel - woven, knits, men's, women's, children's, Print and online publishing units), projects, teams, and processes, information, content, and data, staff, vendors, and time. Versatile and adaptable with international exposure, communication and language skills (oral and written), and a consistent track record of achieving company targets and objectives, plus a MA in Political Science from Punjab University, a MSc in Economics from La Salle University, Louisiana, USA, and a BA in Economics from Kinnaird College for Women.


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