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Photo by Robert in Toronto (down under)

Currently, is a blog about Pakistan; it started life as a print magazine called “The Knit-Xtyle Fashion Review,” (Tkfr for short) back in 1998. In those days, Tkfr used to be a 16 page trade rag about Knitwear, Textiles and Fashion industries of Pakistan. It covered the international buyers and local vendors (or exporters in common parlance) and their issues.

March 2005, Tkfr was re-launched as a 100 page fashion glossy, still targeting the professionals of the rag-trade; however, the format had become more commercial to appeal to general readers as well. By June 2006, the Tkfr management had decided to discontinue publishing it via the print medium and continue it purely as an online entity.

July 2009 – was re-launched on the web with its current face, incorporating topics such as state of Pakistan economy, Textiles, Apparel and fashion industries of Pakistan, Design and Retail, Real estate and lifestyles, service industry like marketing and management – in fact, life as we know it in Pakistan.

Tkfr continues to evolve, with special emphasis on economy, current affairs, lifestyles and popular culture – the main hot topic remains Pakistan while we discuss; debate and comment on the hot issues facing our country. Since it is no longer run as a regular monthly or quarterly, you might not see regular content on all topics, however, many guest writers’ get featured on the site from time to time with their own by line, however, behind, there is only one editor and writer – Fareeha Qayoom and one IT expert incorporating the web, graphics and technical aspects of the site– Adnan Q. Qayyum.

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