Tkfr Star Writers & Contributors

Aarzoo Naeem Chaudhry

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A Student, (BS (Hons.) University of the Punjab, Mass Communications – Institute of Communication Studies), Editor Valuemag (March 08- August 09), Aarzoo is an experienced journalist who’s written on number of hot issues like the destruction of our heritage – for example National symbols destroyed, 13 Gates of Lahore and interior trends, interviewed loads of people about their homes and gardens, reviewed  our (Pakistan/Lahore’s) art, design and architecture aesthetic for Valuemag (currently showcased on, and has an impressive and varied body of work already accumulated through her work for Sun Newspapers and World wide Fund for Nature at such a young age.

She wrote regular features ‘Trend Alert Hot List’ and ‘Building Blocks’ for Valuemag (currently showcased on in addition to her other work.  Currently, she is concentrating on her thesis project…working for RTI Pakistan online as lifestyle editor.

Adnan Q. Qayyum

Adnan Qayyum

Moonlights as the administrator, web graphic designer, IT director and general trouble shooter for while he serves as the assistant manager MIS at Wak Group in his day job – over ten years of IT experience, Adnan has done it all and serves as the leading IT consultant for his family and friends.

His consultancy work includes web design and programming, purchasing of hard ware for his family and friends, trouble shooting and number of customized solutions for leading small businesses including programs for data management of essential office processes like payroll, product management and inventory control.

Ahmed Humayun

Is Bureau Chief Value TV and an experienced political and economic journalist – his work for Valuemag has been indeed insightful and full of hard hitting facts – he penned majority of cover stories for Valuemag (currently showcased on (Issue 3 – 13).


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Is Vice President Product Development and Supply Planning based out of Hong Kong for Levi Strauss & Co. His insights into Pakistan’s real estate  (Valuemag issue 1, May 2008) and textiles’  ( has proved to be extremely timely and insightful.


Fareeha Qayoom - March 2011

Fareeha Qayoom

Fareeha Naz Qayoom

The publisher and editor-in-chief for and former print editions of The Knit-Xtyle Fashion Review (tkfr), Fareeha is currently working at a media company as Content development Manager (or as they call it, the managing editor); she also served as the managing editor for Valuemag (Jan 08-July 09 – Print editions Valuemag 1-13).

She has over 15 years of solid management experience in managing products, brands, projects, processes, staff, customers, vendors and time, plus, she has a MSc degree in Economics (and Business Administration) from La Salle University, Louisiana, USA and BA from Kinnaird.  She also freelanced for The News on Sunday (1994-95). chronicles some of her work – editing, writing, reporting and print and online media management. (1994-to date).



Fariha Rashed


Fariha Rashed

Publisher and CEO of Ink magazine – she took time out to contribute for an extremely important subject – how to fill your home with indoor plants – (Valuemag issue 4/currently showcased on


Farrah Naz

Farrah Naz

Farrah Naz

Farrah is one heck of a creative girl. She has no formal training but she can write, draw, paint, design, sew, manage a company and still handle her kids on the side.  Another graduate of Kinnaird College, (Class of 1983),  she uses the pen name Bubbles to sketch her designs.  (Tkfr’s Wish List for print edition 13 – the fashion drawings are her work).  Her design medium includes pencils, water colors, oil paints and the computer. Her hobbies are interior design and shopping. She’s a great cook too, by the way. On top of that, her piece on Tarun Tahiliani, The Friends of the Children and Ahad Design Studios (Tkfr print edition 13) add further color to her versatility. (Some of her work is showcased currently on


Faryal Virk with her daughter

Faryal Virk

Faryal, who lives in Texas, has an interest in banking and finance! (Pun intended) A star writer and performer, she has written on some very interesting topics – ranging from finance, travel and retail. Some of her work is showcased here on  – (Taken from Tkfr and Valuemag print editions).


Fatima Jawad


Fatima Jawad

A home maker and an extensive traveler, Fatima is a graduate of Kinnaird College for Women (class of 1998), and Lahore School of Economics.

Her articles are fresh and full of fun facts and information – for example, her piece on Lahore Fort or Designer Living Room or her travel log on Scotland, or China is extremely interesting and offers new slant on old subjects.


GM Shah

GM Shah

A photographer par excellence, currently at Value Tv, Shah Ji, as he’s affectionately called by all his friends has probably forgotten more about photography than you could ever learn on your digital camera with his impressive body of work spanning over 20 years!

He served as a photo-journalist and photographer-at-large for Valuemag (March 08-August 09) and is part of the camera crew at Value TV ,  he still handles freelance projects in his spare time and is photographer-at-large for Most of the photos (if not otherwise credited on this website) are all his work.


Marian Sharaf

Marian Sharaf Joseph

Another graduate of Kinnaird, editor, writer and reporter, Marian has worked in nation’s leading English daily newspapers (The Post, The Nation, Sun, Hum Shehri etc) and served as editor for Valuemag (Feb 08-Aug 09). Currently, she is the lifestyles editor at The Post.

Her regular feature included ‘Red Hot Finds’ for Valuemag (currently showcased on She spotlighted RM Naeem’s home for Valuemag’s showcase feature, wrote about young men’s bachelor pads and many other interesting lifestyle features. However, her expertise not only included lifestyles, she also tackled hot issues on Pak economy and real estate for Valuemag (currently showcased on

Currently, she is one person company –a self employed consultant who handles freelance projects including PR, writing and promotion and print media services.


Muhammad Asif


Muhammad Asif

Senior Graphic Designer, Asif has over 18 years of professional experience that he amassed at assorted ad agencies, magazines and print, tech and media companies.

Currently, he is working in the creative department of Value TV, learning to hone his creative skills with animation and movie making software. He was one of the most valuable team members of Valuemag. The layouts for Valuemag print edition (currently showcased on were all his work…


Nazish K Siddiqui

Nazish k. Siddiqui

Back from Saudi Arabia, Nazish has hi-tech plans of her own. She will be launching her own on-line E-zine very soon.

She has a degree in Journalism from University of Texas. She wrote a number of high profile lifestyle pieces for Valuemag – interviews and reviews of celebrities and their homes, high profile buildings like Shahdin Manzil, Bank Alfalah’s flagship on Lahore Mall Road and many other interesting articles archived on – she is a star in her own right.



Sadaf Pervez

Another Kinnaird graduate, currently, at Nation, Sadaf wrote many interesting articles for ‘Value Business Diary’ – hard core, serious stuff on Pak economy and real estate for Valuemag (currently showcased on

However, this was not the extent of her expertise – she also wrote many interesting reviews on lifestyles – her piece on Ideas, Gul Ahmed’s store opening or Rafi Peer Puppet Museum were indeed impressive too…her best work? The one she did on Pakistan’s environmental issue titled ‘Green Pakistan.’


saima malik

Saima Malik


Saima Malik

A medical doctor in the making, Saima wrote for Valuemag (currently showcased on purely as a hobby. Her rich vocabulary and distinct prose and funny turn of phrase made her work joy to edit.

Her lifestyle articles on gardens and homes, do-it-yourself advice on loads of items like lighting your home, setting up your drawing room on a budget or tracing a trend, for example, her piece on Victorian drawing rooms all added value and differentiation to Valuemag’s repertoire of serious reporting on local lifestyles; all in all, an impressive body of work for just a hobby…


Sara Rathore

Sara Rathore

Sara is currently a producer at A TV entertainment channel, a Kinnaird graduate – she was another star writer for Valuemag (currently showcased on and wrote many high profile pieces like review of Lahore Museums, or about long forgotten historic buildings like Railway Headquarters in Lahore in her spare time while she worked full time at Value TV producing music and real estate programs.


Umer Saud

Umer Saud

A hobbyist photographer and writer – Umer is currently working at BNU as head of marketing. He has worked in number of leading companies like PEL, Value TV etc, not to mention serving as RJ Mercury at FM89.

He also serves as an anchor for various TV programs like “Ibadatgah” and does voice-over’s for ads like Seasons Canola. Umer did a lot of interesting work for Valuemag (currently showcased on that included reviewing luxury homes and mansions, historic buildings like Masjid Wazir Khan and many others that are currently archived at, (currently showcased on


Zonaira Chaudry

Zonaira Chaudry

A graduate of Kinnaird, Zonaira is a freelance writer for many publications and editor for Ibex and Ink. Currently, she is working at a firm that specializes in content writing for the web.

She wrote many interesting lifestyle pieces on businesses like restaurants, cafes, fashion boutiques and bridal salons, not to mention spotlighting loads of prominent people like furniture designers, artists, architects and interior designers dotting the real estate landscape of Pakistan.

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