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Tkfr.com has evolved to incorporate a few more categories and topics we have been exploring through our collective work experiences in our professional lives.

Adnan is brilliant at computers and I unfortunately for you, have an opinion about everything I experience at work and play! So, this blog is evolving with us – our ideas, experiences and skills as we explore new horizons!


Tkfr Print Editions

Tkfr started from modest origins back in 1998. It used to be a 16 page print trade newsletter about Knitwear, apparel and textiles of Pakistan that slowly evolved to 100 pages of glossy stuff by issue 11 (2005) – unfortunately, the publishing industry has not really taken off in Pakistan so its extremely difficult to make ends meet for any serious publishing company in Pakistan…at least that’s been my experience to date!

Tkfr cover

It simply costs too much and somehow the revenues do not justify the sweat, blood and sheer hard work that goes into making it to the market every month! Especially, if you are looking at the upmarket, glossy, informative and useful category of magazines that specialize in a particular niche, for example, textiles or real estate or medical or academic or youth etc…there are not enough educated people interested in reading and therefore, limited numbers make it very capital intensive and sponsors want high circulation figures…! Where can you find millions of English speaking readers in Pakistan who actually want to buy your product? Yeah, that’s a tough one! 😉 So the only solution to this problem? Take it the web! Its comparatively low cost and it has virtually unlimited reach…you are literally talking to the world.

Tkfr (stands for The Knit-Xtyle Fashion Review) was an apparel trade magazine published from Lahore, Pakistan, totaling 13 print editions published from 1998 to 2006.

Tkfr primarily covered the textiles, (manufacturing) industry of Pakistan —knitwear, woven apparel, and fashion industry that is specifically geared for exports— however, we also covered the local fashion industry: design, ready to wear, couture, retail and manufacturing in brief. Our objective was to cover the people who were in the business—the buyers, their agents, the designers, the manufactures and the retailers—in fact the whole supply chain—we were not knits-specific but a major portion of our news coverage was related to knitwear because I started my professional career with knitwear.


Valuemag issue 4, 2008

Valuemag issue 4, August 2008 cover


Valuemag Print Editions

Valuemag – a print magazine about real estate, economy and lifestyles of Pakistan published by Central Media Network Pvt. Ltd (CMN). I was its Managing Editor from from issue 1 till issue 13 – produced in the period from Jan 2008 to July 2009. It discontinued printing for a brief period to come back as a quarterly in the year 2010 still under CMN management with me still at the helm as managing editor, unfortunately, the decision to print got deferred again. The management is still thinking about it. CMN also runs Value TV.

cover tkfr issue 13

Tkfr print edition – issue 13 Jan 2006

Tkfr Mission Statement

To empower readers through information—create linkages—focus on people instead of processes—talk about the people who make it all happen—speak out on key issues– get involved—identify, highlight and investigate by impartial, balanced, factual and responsible reporting—stand up for fairness, truth & the fundamental rights of human beings.


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