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Along with the prerequisite slime and snails and puppy dog tails, tkfr finds out what it takes to make a single guy’s room his own By Marian Sharaf Joseph

thats whatAlong with the prerequisite slime and snails and puppy dog tails, tkfr finds out what it takes to make a single guy’s room his own

By Marian Sharaf Joseph

Yes, guys are rough, and for the most part they are least bothered about almost anything under the sun. But try stepping into their personal turf and you’ve opened the Pandora’s Box! They become fussy about the nitty gritty. Their “No, it doesn’t matter” is actually exactly the opposite! A guys’ room is the one place in the whole house they can proudly claim as their “kingdom.” Guys aren’t into fancy wallpapering and silk draperies with adorable pictures all around. The following young men let loose their reins on privacy and revealed their inner sanctums. Diverse as their backgrounds are, one thing is for sure, Guys love their Bachelor Pads!


thats what 2“For me my room is a retreat from the outside world. It is my small kingdom in which everything has to go my way. It’s where I relax and spend most of my time, alone or with friends.”

And as a consummate host, his room is a hub for entertainment. From listening, playing and recording music to watching movies and playing video games, he has it all. “I have tried to keep my room warm and relaxed, because at the end of a long day, peace of mind is what I need. My room is an extension of myself, “says Daud. “I can’t live without my computer. It stores all my music and all my pictures which I have taken over the years, so it’s my most prized possession!” thats what 3Daud Randle

Salman NaeemSalman Naeem


Salman Naeem Room“This room is where I can do anything and everything my way. I actually had to fight with my parents for this room since it was my grandfather’s and I was very close to him. I like the way it’s been designed, there are two exits; the main door that leads to the kitchen, which is pretty close by and the other is an exit through the washroom that leads to the main door and out in the garage.”

“I don’t have much stuff in my room. I threw it all out. Too much stuff can suffocate you! The windows in my room are wide, perfect for ventilation. I wanted space especially since my friends hang out here.”

He underscores his desire to be rid of clutter by having only a mattress and no bed, leaving plenty of space to spread out books and work on the laptop as well. “The only things I have otherwise in my room are family pictures and mementos given to me by friends.”

Salman Naeem Room

Ali XavierAli Xavier


Ali Xavier room Ali Xavier room“A room with a surreal view is any teenagers’ dream,” declares Ali Xavier. “I, myself designed my own room, I kid you not,” he says. “Red walls with LP Records and mahogany on the other side, set the mood for absolutely bohemian rhapsody.”

Ali is a heavy metal aficionado, especially fond of grunge band Nirvana, whose posters plaster the four walls. “My room is a mere reflection of my inspirations and elements that arouse me. This snug den of mine has everything I need; from the deafening surround system to the cozy couch that nestles my holy weapon: my guitar. This is all I could ask for; the dusky lamp at one end teamed with head-banging tracks played in the background creates a great ambiance. In a nut shell, my room inspires me to create great music.”

“I have an excellent study area that I hardly use; it’s a nice neat corner. The rest of the setting is arranged in a way that my friends can sit on the sofa or on the floor, jam and hang around.”

So what makes a boys room his very own? Well, if it were up to these three guys it’s all about the entertainment factor! But more importantly, it’s whatever they want it to be because it’s theirs.Ali Xavier Room

This article was originally published in the print edition of Valuemag, issue 2, June 2008.

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