September 5, 2010

Gift in the eyes of the law

Under Islamic Law, gift in written form is not necessary but there must be a delivery of possession and if the three essentials of a valid gift are proved from a document, such document is a gift deed By Malik Nousherwan Awan
September 5, 2010

Pakistan: National Symbols

National monuments serving as symbols of provincial, political autonomy and national integrity, Khyber Pass for Peshawar (KP), Minar-e-Pakistan for Lahore, Punjab, Quaid’s Mausoleum for Karachi, Sindh and Ziarat Residency for Quetta, Balochistan are instantly recognizable… By Sadaf Pervez
September 5, 2010

Pakistan Extraordinary

Discover Pakistan from the eyes of a young explorer Omer Masood as he takes you on a extraordinary journey By Marian Sharaf Joseph
July 30, 2009

Reality Check!

It’s August again. Pakistan will be celebrating its 62nd birthday this year. Looking back, I think 2009 has been the toughest year yet. No doubt, all businesses are virtually praying for this bad economic patch to be over…however, personally, I think it’s just the ‘perception’ thing...yes, our economic managers are not doing a good (management) job but that’s been true for the past 62 years so what’s changed? Our economy is always on the brink of bankruptcy when the old guard hands over the watch and is always climbing back up after the new guard is sworn in By Fareeha Qayoom