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September 8, 2016
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September 28, 2016

By Fareeha Qayoom

We did a story for Valuemag back in 2009 on Shahi Hamam. It was one scary ride. The building was falling to bits. The murals and frescos had been painted over and ruined by the students of NCA. Thank God, someone had realized and stopped the kids from ruining the whole building…


before-shahi-hamam-1 shahi-hamam-2 shahi-hamam-3

The following photos were taken one evening back in November 2015 (after Shahi Hamam was declared one of the UNESCO’s World Heritage sites and was somewhat in the process of renovation/restoration)…Enjoy!





img_8897 img_8866 img_8860 img_8857

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Fareeha Qayoom
Fareeha Qayoom
The publisher and editor-in-chief for Tkfr.com and former print editions of The Knit-Xtyle Fashion Review (tkfr), Fareeha is currently working at a media company as Content development Manager (or as they call it, the managing editor); she also served as the managing editor for Valuemag (Jan 08-July 09 – Print editions Valuemag 1-13). She has over 15 years of solid management experience in managing products, brands, projects, processes, staff, customers, vendors and time, plus, she has a MSc degree in Economics (and Business Administration) from La Salle University, Louisiana, USA and BA from Kinnaird. She also freelanced for The News on Sunday (1994-95). Tkfr.com chronicles some of her work – editing, writing, reporting and print and online media management. (1994-to date).


  1. More reading???

    The amazing things discovered at the Shahi Hammam
    We live in times when ‘heritage’ is a word our trader-rulers avoid. For that matter ‘culture’ makes them, like Hitler, go for their guns. Lastly, ‘conservation’ yields them no profit, so that is best avoided.

    But in these ‘Dark Ages’ that Pakistan is passing through, we must never forget that Lahore is the one city, so say the experts, where over 40 per cent of the historic monuments in the entire sub-continent of the Moghal era are located in, or around. What we have done to Lahore is another story.

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  2. Opening of Shahi Hamam in Lahore
    Last updated: 22.06.2015 //

    On 14 June, Mr Lars Nordrum, chargé d’affaires a.i. of the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Islamabad and Mr Akbar Ali Pesnani, board chairman of Aga Khan Cultural Services Pakistan (AKCSP), opened the newly restored 17th century Shahi Hamam inside the Delhi Gate of the Walled City in Lahore. Representatives from the provincial government of Punjab, AKCSP, the Walled City of Lahore Authority (WCLA) and the Norwegian Honorary Consulate in Lahore were also present at the opening ceremony.


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  3. more??
    Commonly known as Shahi Hamam, the Wazir Khan Hamam was built by Sheikh Ilmuddin Ansari in 1634. The Hamam is the only surviving public bath from the Mughal era in Pakistan. The single-storey structure is spread over 1,110 square feet and was built using brick tiles and limestone cement. It contains the world�s largest Mughal fresco painting. The Hamam is located just inside the Delhi Gate. It was named Shahi Hamam because it was constructed by the Governor of Punjab. Otherwise, it was a facility meant for public. The building is a combination of Turkish and Persian style. It reminds one of the traditional Persian hamams which are still vogue in Iran. It is a single storey building with beautiful paintings and has three types of bathing facilities such as cold, hot and steam bath. All these facilities have been divided into separate sections. Massage and other similar facilities were also provided. The original paintings on the walls have lost their form and color at many places due to the negligence of the custodians of the building.


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  4. Discovering Shahi Hamam
    The long lost heritage of Lahore

    I got to know about Shahi Hamam just two years ago during a photo walk inside Delhi Gate, and I am sure most of us are still unaware of this unique piece of Lahore’s heritage.


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  5. Do visit…


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