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From the Editor in Chief and Publisher

August 23rd, 2013, Friday


This is very much work-in-progress blog.


fareeha 10.7.2015 (2)

Fareeha Qayoom, Editor in Chief and Publisher (Oct 7, 2015, Photo by Faiza Sharif). has evolved into an interactive personal blog about ‘life in (Lahore), Pakistan’ – it originally started as an online static archive of print editions of The Knit-Xtyle Fashion Review (back in 2008). Now, it’s more of a commentary on topics that compel me to pick up my figurative pen and start writing. The process of writing can be sudden, sporadic and random. The topics are usually random as well.


I might be talking to family, friends, my work mates, or reading (I have varied interests in reading as well) or watching a TV show, or listening to music or just driving around on the roads of Lahore or even shopping or eating out. I have many interests and hobbies so I usually end up writing about practically anything and everything. In other words, now mainly serves as a medium for me to express myself about topics that interest me.


It’s not a commercial website. I am not trying to sell you anything. I am happy to support it and do. So relax, it’s not a means to make money off you in any shape or form. This is pure labor of love. is open to dialog – you can post your comments and give feedback.  If you as a reader have something to say about a particular topic or about the blog in general, you are welcome to post your thoughts. If, however, you are just trying to link your site to one of our posts to sell your idea or product which doesn’t really add value (to the particular post), this will be treated as spam and deleted. I delete hundreds of such messages daily.


At the end of each post, we provide links to other useful links that could help you research your current topic of interest. We also provide a list of other similar or related posts available at that you can read if you are interested.


Apart from new content, I am also slowly putting content from print editions of Value Mag for quick online access. I am doing this for two reasons, a. because we did a lot of work on Pakistani lifestyles for Value Mag back in 2008 and 2009 and b. because most of the writers for the print magazine would like to cite their work on line if required and need an online link. Unfortunately, the official Value TV website didn’t create searchable links to our collective work.


In short – what can do for you?

It can:


  • Provide interesting point of view, insight and useful info from a resident Lahori
  • Record the current lifestyles of Pakistani folk
  • Provide Value Mag and TKFR articles online for research and a bit of historic perspective

You can contact us here



Gotta go, catch you later…:)




Ps – if you are already familiar with Tkfr print editions and Valuemag archives? – Click here for New stuff



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