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Pak economy

Extreme Managing

Apparel, Fashion and Textiles



If you are new at the site and never a subscriber of print editions – scroll down the following list of articles- they are marked down by topic…FYI, the home page lists down the articles based on the dates they were posted online. Some of them might be slightly dated but they are not time barred. – contents (Topic index)


Regional Politics, News and Current affairs


India and Pakistan

The Story of terrible twins — Can there be meaningful Peace with India?

Morality is the defense of the weak

War and Peace


Pakistan and USA

Wikileaks: loose lips sink ships

Is organized religion losing its relevance in our world?

Clinton’s visit to Pakistan – what the heck happened here?


Pakistan and Afghan fallout, Middle East and Central Asia

Are Pakistanis in denial?

Reading between the lines, Divided we fall

The ‘new’ Great Game

National Symbols Destroyed


Pakistan – domestic current affairs

Pakistan Elections: May 11, 2013 – my story

A tale as old as time – the good guys finish last

Everything happens on TV – life in the fast lane

Governor Taseer’s assassination: is this another case of exploding mangos?

Sugar Crisis? What Sugar Crisis?

July 27-August 4, 2010: Diary of a concerned citizen

Classic Whodunit murder mystery Pakistani-style

Who’s really in charge here?


Economy and Business

August 14th, 2010 – Independence Day

Reality Check!


Energy crisis

Mosquitoes, flies and the paranoid!

Heat, flies and load shedding

Pakistan: Life goes on in spite of load-shedding!

Power Games: look who’s talking?

What’s the big idea?

LESCO – a resident evil



Silent and Grey

More Monday Blues and Torrential Rains!

A story of my road trip from Lahore to Sialkot and back in one day

Hot weather, Rains and Monday blues…

Dec 23, 2010 – the first ‘official’ day of fog in Lahore

July 2010– Monsoon Rains hit Lahore early


Green Pakistan


Cotton, Textiles and Apparel Industry

Moment of Truth (again) for Pakistani textiles

US Textile imports: Where does Pakistan stand?

Why is the apparel industry down in Lahore?

On the fringe

Pakistan’s garment industry

Beyond China

The Lowdown on Asif Manzoor Sheikh

Do we really need Ethics in our business?

Year in Review – 2005 India vs. Pakistan

Special feature earthquake 2005: Rubble takes all

Made in Pakistan: Angora’s bold new plan

Made in Pakistan


Real Estate Business Diary


Pakistan for Sale!

How Green was my valley?

Global skyline: Desert Rose

Punjab’s Dying Fields of Gold

True blue investments never go out of style

Fragrant Harbor

Role of Financial Institutions in Real Estate

Visions of Grandeur and Castles in the Air

Rapid Industrialization: an answer to our dreams or an environmental disaster in the making?

Gift in the eyes of the law

McKinney, Texas: Unique by Nature

Material Mart: Building Blocks

Great Expectations

Fine Print of the Law

The US Mortgage Crisis: An American Dream Gone Sour

Wal-Mart Stores: Customer Satisfaction guaranteed!

The Start of Something BIG!

Ditch the Skyscrapers!

(Un)Real Estate

Is Architecture for the people?

Turf Wars and food security

Are you ready for more?

Is your parachute ready?

Why do cities grow?

The World at War

“Lagaa Reh” — Year in Review 2008

And all that I can see is just another lemon-tree!

Free Your Mind

Concrete Wastelands

Anatomy of the problem



Technology:  Google Maps

New Toys

Banking for Dummies

Technology: Top Ten websites on cyberspace

Aarzoo’s Pick: Blogs from Pakistan

Technology: Why is blogging so popular anyway?


eXtreme Managing

Things I have learnt the hard way

Blood Sports

Negotiating the communication minefield

Why do we procrastinate?

Life and dead end jobs

Criticism – a subtle form of abuse

I can get no satisfaction!

Pakistan: Why most start-up’s fail?

Which mode of communication for you?

What do you read to Get Ahead?

Reading 101




Rants and Raves

The Empire Strikes Back

The good, the bad and the ugly – Relationships

Green Roofs and Indoor Gardens

Double standards

Thank God for roads!

The power of Negative thinking

July 2013: a page torn from the diary of a Pakistani citizen

2013: Happy New Year!

Playing Ostrich

Raw Power

Procrastination and Writer’s block – My typical day

Only in Pakistan


Doom and Gloom Galore

Lost in Translation


Never complain, never explain

Dog days and Lord of the Flies syndrome

Ramblings…a working plan for my leisure activities

Iftari Anyone?

Random thoughts on time management

News flash for the filthy rich of Pakistan

All in a Day’s work

Tkfr Poll: Vital Statistics — just a click away!

Comic sight indeed: Underwear Heroes!

Sometimes old fashioned is best!

Correction – Our ‘Kameez’ has not evolved from a ball gown!

Bottled Water and philosophy of life

Only in Pakistan

Lies, lies and yet more lies

Pakistan: perception vs. reality

Billboards: the Depiction of Women in Pakistan

Black Backpack – a symbol of terrorism!

I hate Traffic Circles!

Forever in blue jeans


Retail and Shopping Trends: Fashion and homes

My first ballet flat slippers

Trend Report: Autumn/Winter 2015 fashion week trends from New York, London, Milan and Paris

Trend Report – Spring Summer 2015 New York, London, Milan and Paris Fashion-weeks

Denim: another fashion note from the trenches

“Back to the Land” Eco-Fashion

Retail: Rang Ja very a la country

The Dandy is back!

Year 2013 – Fabric Report: Fabric prices hit the roof!

Like their style: style muse

Sewing 101: learning how to sew a fine seam

Fall 2013: Fashion Weeks – Trend Watch

Retail report: more winter sales blues 2

Retail Report: More Winters sales blues…

Retail Therapy:  Winter Sales Blues

New York Fashion Week: Spring/Summer 2013|September 6 – September 13,2012

Spring & Summer 2013– men’s fashion week(s): Men’s collections launched in London

My inspiration board

From the Fashion Capitals of the world: Fall Winter 2012/2013 Fashion weeks

Retail Report: The Hunt for Red October!

Retail Therapy: my basic Wardrobe staples wish list

Spring/Summer 2012: NYFW 2012 – spring is the air!

Men’s Milan Spring/Summer 2012 Fashionweek

Denim: Fashion note from the trenches

New York Fashion Week – Fall/Winter 2011

A tale of two summer jackets

Spring summer 2011 – fashion week

Milan Fashion week: spring/summer 2011 menswear collection

Retail Therapy: Summer fabric report II – Saleem Fabrics

Retail Therapy: Summer Fabric Report

Retail Therapy: Departmental stores

Review: Serenity Hair Salon in Liberty

Wish list: shopping and retail therapy

Review – True Nightmare on Alam Street

Winter Ready-to-Wear Fashions in stores

Homes: Trend Alert Hot List

Great Ideas for homes: Red Hot Finds

Tkfr’s wish list: around the world in six pages

Fashion Review: Spring 2006-07 fashion forecast

The Secret of Bottomless Closet?

Cheap Chic

Couture: featuring a contemporary bride

Couture: featuring a traditional bride

Retailing Pakistani Style

Big getting bigger and better in a big way

A new label in town! AU Clothing Company

Spring 2006-07 forecast

Inside Story



Satya Paul: A brand for all Seasons

A Grand Master

A Master Narrator

Keeping it real

Bold and Beautiful

The Man behind Nee Punhal

A designer with Panache

From PTV to cable TV

Pret A Porter: Paras and Shalini of Geisha Designs have Designs on you

King of Couture: Tarun Tahiliani

A celebration of lifestyles

Friends of Children: The Purpose Driven Women

Haute and Sizzling Vaneeza Ahmed

Yahsir Waheed: Breaking new ground

Nausheen Saeed: “Nowadays Art has only one value – price”

Ahmed Ali Butt, not your typical actor

Ali Sher: Singing a different tune

“Mediocrity is accepted everywhere in Pakistan so why not in Art?” questions Quddus Mirza

Atif Aslam: A phenomenal success story


Architecture and Design

Pakistan: National Symbols

Pakistan extraordinary

A City Transformed

The Green Miles

Lasting landmark of British Raj

A Model Town

Hip and Fun, the place to be

Urban Landmarks: Masjid Wazir Khan, A Dying Legacy

Survival of the Fittest

A Tale of a Great City

Industrial spaces: Naveena Denim

Industrial spaces: Forest Sweaters

Industrial spaces: Firhaj Footwear

Industrial spaces: In search of excellence

Mystic Food Club

Salons: Cool Elegance

Salons: Victorian Fantasy

Salons: It’s a man’s world

Corporate Office Spaces: The Hidden Value of Smart Office Design

Corporate office spaces: Bank Alfalah

Corporate office spaces: Nishat Chunian Ltd

Corporate office spaces: Levi Strauss Pakistan

Corporate office spaces: IGI insurance Ltd

The Mall, Standing the Test of Time

The Changing cityscape of Lahore

A little Italian stroke on Lahore’s cityscape

Jammin’ with Java

A New Flame


Homes and Gardens

Dream Homes Central

Be it ever so humble, there’s no place like home

Summer Love

And then there was light

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?

Victorian Values

Gardens: Blazing Paper Flower

Handle with Care

Away from City Strife

Dynamic Duo that’s done it all

Interior Dialog

Garden of Eden

Pretty as a picture

Luxury Redefined

A Secret Hideaway

A potpourri of ideas

Far From the Madding Crowd

Vertical Limit

Beauty, Brains and Botanical Gardens

Jazz up your bookshelf

New York chic in Lahore suburbs

Instant Garden

Designing by Nature

That’s What (Little) Boys Are Made Of!

When less is more

Instant Makeover

A Secret Garden

There’s no place like home



Happy by Pharrell Williams

Book Review: “Adapt” by Tim Harford

Anila Q. Agha making us proud!


Coke Studio – Season 7: effortless, professional and slick

Book Review: AB Lynn’s the EQ difference – a powerful plan for putting emotional intelligence to work

The Tomorrow People – the ‘US and Them’ syndrome

Enjoy the silence

Things have changed

Books: Mark Tungate’s ‘Fashion Brands – branding style from Armani to Zara’

Baked Alaska – home- made style

Random thoughts on ‘a little history of the world’

Book Review: Eduardo Porter’s ‘the price of everything’

Coke Studio – Season 5 Kicks off May 13th with a bang!

Book Review: David Allen’s ‘Ready for Anything’

Books: ‘Chicken Soup for the Soul at work’ revisited

Books: Chicken Soup for the Soul revisited

Carl Orff – Carmina Baruna – O Furtuna

Blast from the Past, “I am singing in the rain!”

A few of my favorite Hamd- o-Naats!

Playlist: Blast from the Past X

And yet (couple) more political songs

The Lord of the Rings: Sam’s Speech

Playlist: Blast from the Past IX

The Good Fight: Propaganda or just a story?

Playlist: Blast from the Past VIII

Playlist: Blast from the past VII

Playlist: Blast from the Past VI

And yet another political song…

Book Review: Imran Khan’s Pakistan, a personal history

Book Review: Bill Bryson’s ‘A short history of nearly everything’

Happy Ramadan!

Pakistan: Aspiration vs. Reality

Sunday’s playlist: Blast from the Past V

Coke Studio-Season 4: And the story continues…

Saturday’s playlist: Blast from the Past IV

Sunday’s playlist: Blast from the Past III

Sunday’s Playlist: Blast from the Past II

Princess Bride – the movie: Two of my favorite scenes

Music: Sunday’s Playlist – Blast from the past

Television: Hooray for commercials!

Sports: Pakistan won from Sri Lanka! Yay!!!

Book Review: Hadley Freeman’s The meaning of sunglasses

Book Review: Richard Reeves’ Happy Mondays

Pakistan’s Top Five Contemporary Political Songs

Book Review: Kurt Luchs’ Leave the Gun, Take the Cannoli

Book Review: Isaac Mizrahi’s How to have style

Poetry: Robert Frost: the road less travelled

Book Review: The trouble with Islam today, a wakeup call for honesty and change

Theatre Review: Noises off is a farce!

Movie Review: Tere Bin Laden

My Top 5 favorite videos on the net right now

Coke Studio – season 3 Unleashed

Book Review: The Power of Nice

Book Review: Never wrestle with a pig

Food: Lesser of two evils

Travelling Text by Anila Q. Agha

Book Review: Why smart Executives Fail?

Phuket: a great holiday in the sun

Marching to a different beat

Golden Lotus: What is wrong with the chef?

Book Review: “Carolyn 101 business lessons from the Apprentice‘s straight shooter”

Book Review: “Sam Saboura’s Real Style”

Book Review on: “Introducing Mathematics”

Book Review: “Why Good Girls Don’t Get Ahead but Gutsy Girls Do”

The Road Trip to the Outer Banks of North Carolina




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