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Beauty Salons: Victorian Fantasy
December 5, 2010
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December 5, 2010

A salon is no longer needed to hold the basic haircutting chair, mirrors and make up tables. The décor is as much part of the sales pitch as well sharpened scissors and clean brushes

By Saima Malik


ith a maze of new salons cropping up on the horizon the competition has become fiercer and what distinguishes the best ones is not just their exclusivity and sterile service but their ambiance. Slowly the clients are shedding the trend of following just a popular media name and hype. They are going for someone who goes the extra distance for them! And to the fickle lady that is the client, not only is excellent service, top notch treatments and best products a prerequisite but also the beautiful soothing surroundings in which they are elegance

The décor of a salon is its heart and soul and to remain on the top it has to make a statement, be it impressive glamour or tasteful comfort. A salon is no longer needed to hold the basic haircutting chair, mirrors and make up tables. The décor is as much part of the sales pitch as well sharpened scissors and clean brushes. Holding its own in among the myriad of new players and old giants is the exclusive setup of Sana Sara. A relatively small salon and studio headed by two beautiful sisters and savvy business women Sara and Sana.

On entering the salon you find a tasteful reception area that imparts dual impressions of elegance and cool comfort. Gleaming polish of mahogany wooden furnishing is offset by cream colored walls. The wooden floor blends in communicating sophistication. Adding the touch of innovative to the setup is the multitude of the beautiful photographs that grace the walls. Some of them are a testament to their famous clients while others, a proof of Sana’s talent with the camera and Sara’s with the brush. “Fatima Zaheer was our interior designer (works individually) but we helped every step of the way with the decisions of décor, especially with the basic color scheme, chocolate and cream” says Sana, with her irrepressible smile.

“We had to then find furniture that matched with our scheme and all other paraphernalia,” adds Sana serenely with her gorgeous smile, dimples flashing. Adding a dash of flare to the comfortable wide couches are the cushions in a mass of colors. Leading off from the waiting room are the spa and facial rooms sparingly but adequately furnished. The main area is beyond a door which continues the color scheme and the soothing theme. A wide spacious room with huge mirrors line one wall while mahogany chairs face each sitting area. Surrounding the mirrors are spotlights in silver. This is the hair cutting area basically; where eyebrows, manicures and pedicures are also done. The other side of the room contains tables, beautifully carved wooden footstools that give the impression of an elegant drawing room rather than a salon. “Around 80 percent of your services are reflected by image. The first impression is obviously conveyed by the décor that sets the tone for the customer. Our high paying clientele expects the best and that includes the interior of our salon,” says Sana as she shows me around.

Further exploration leads you to another room where towering cupboards fill one wall while the others are filled with individual workstations of a mirror and chair. The mirrors are lovely contraption surrounded by wood and a line of soft white round bulbs. “They offer a lot of light but no heat,” explains Sara. This is the makeup room where all nature of make-overs is done and cupboards have lockers for brides to store their valuables. The room is big enough not to crowd and the colors are bound to calm any nerves.

The overall affect is of impressive competence and cool elegance that does not compromise comfort for practicality. It reflects its dedicated talented owners, giving off an aura of warmth, opting for intimate elegance instead of glitzy glamour. More comfort than pomp and glitter. And it seems to work like a charm as Sana Sara form a unique niche in our lil town! ■

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Magazine Layout: M Asif, Photos by GM Shah

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This article was originally published in the print edition of Valuemag, issue 3 – July 2008

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