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July 13, 2009

“Lagaa Reh” – Year in Review 2008

Year 2008 has been tough for Pakistan. In the immortal words of Shahzad Roy’s famous song, ‘Lagaa Reh,’ Pakistan is passing through a critical curve, (Pakistan aik Nazuk more say guzer raha hai) By Fareeha Qayoom
July 12, 2009

And all that I can see is just another lemon-tree!

This song is dedicated to us - those of us, disappointed taxpaying Pakistanis with broken dreams, broken hopes, unfulfilled tall promises from our elected officials, bad economy, rising inflation, hopeless everyday lives filled with bills, more bills and yet more bills. We are taxed to the max nation but somehow we still don’t have the basics in our major cities – our musical chair government(s) still talk about doing things instead of actually doing them. By Fareeha Qayoom
July 12, 2009

Free Your Mind…

It’s strange but true – The Mughals didn’t leave much of an impression on our psyche in spite of the fact that we share a religion and a culture with them, they are supposed to be part of our recent past, and even though, evolution of Pakistani culture was supposed to be the next big link in the overall evolution of global and universal Islamic culture and heritage and the Muslims of sub-continent were supposed to lead this new wave – it’s the British Raj Bahadur that left a lasting impression on us instead By Fareeha Qayoom
July 12, 2009

Concrete Wastelands…

Pakistan is 61 years old this August. 61 years of independence! Imagine that. Despite a lot of strange people who have nothing better to do than wait anxiously for us to fall flat on our faces! So survival of Pakistan despite all odds is a definite cause for celebration! Let’s celebrate! By Fareeha Qayoom