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December 6, 2010

Book Review: Kurt Luchs’ Leave the Gun, Take the Cannoli

It was funny, totally irreverent and witty. I had to buy it. By Fareeha Qayoom
December 5, 2010

Book Review: Isaac Mizrahi’s How to have style

It’s funny. Readable. Not very long. You can probably finish it in one sitting. I know I did. It’s full of fashion advice and shopping dos and don’ts. It chronicles the problems of 12 real women of varying ages and their wardrobe issues and how Mizrahi deals with them by giving them a make-over and helping them buy stuff that suits their needs, budgets and lifestyles. By Fareeha Qayoom
October 30, 2010

Robert Frost – The Road less travelled

The woods are lovely, dark and deep. But I have promises to keep, And miles to go before I sleep, And miles to go before I sleep Poetry By Robert Frost, selection by Fareeha Qayoom
October 10, 2010

Book Review: The trouble with Islam today, a wakeup call for honesty and change

An excruciatingly bad read if you are a practicing Muslim in the third world but a politically correct view if you are ‘secular’ westernized born-again wanna-be north American! Correction – Canadian! By Fareeha Qayoom