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August 8, 2009

(Un)Real Estate

Growth in real estate costs is not an unusual phenomenon. Costs of prime commercial real estate in New York exceed US100 per sq ft and have grown exponentially since 9/11. Similarly real estate in major metropolitan areas globally has seen quantum increases since 2001. Pakistan has also has experienced some dizzying gains. However in Pakistan some sort of reckoning appears to be on the horizon as the real estate boom has hit a rock wall after a spectacular explosion! by Babur Rafiq
July 16, 2009

Green Pakistan

As the Earth is getting hotter, disasters like hurricanes, droughts and floods are getting more frequent; Majority agree that climate change may be one of the greatest threats facing the planet and to heighten the awareness about this global issue, 2009 has been declared the ‘Environmental Year’ By Sadaf Pervez
July 9, 2009

Pakistan for Sale!

When the government officials, public institutions and state-owned assets are all for sale, what’s six million acres of farmland between friends? Is this a wise move? Find out... By Ahmed Humayun
June 15, 2009

Beyond China

Speakers at this year’s ASBCI conference defined the changing landscape of global sourcing and spelt out sourcing options in new world of open trading. They agreed that branding, product differentiation, specialization, direct sourcing, vertical integration and consolidation hold the keys to global success. Source -