Fareeha Qayoom

July 18, 2009

Pretty as a picture

A compact and a pretty home, Sadia’s place is well-kept, neat with a dash of formality reminding you of bygone romantic Victorian era By Aarzoo Naeem Chaudhry
July 18, 2009

And then there was light

Lighting up your home takes ingenuity, forward-planning and cash. Do it right the first time… By Saima Malik
July 18, 2009

Summer Love!

Plant a wonderful summer flower garden this season with tips from Aarzoo Naeem Chaudhry
July 17, 2009

Turf Wars and food security

While we lose ourselves in the mindless on-going soap opera of ‘Overseas Contingency operation,’ (previously, ‘war on terror’), we may lose more than our territory, more than our self respect, more than our people, more than our food, more than our water, more than the air we breathe, more than our livelihood, more than our nuclear arsenal, more than our lifestyles, more than our lives, much more than we realize – we could end up losing our country too. Bit by bit, piece by piece, brick by brick, one inch at a time…and not at our enemies hands, but at our own because we elect ignorant, ill-informed, inadequate leaders who don’t even have the basic negotiation skills to adequately fight our corner… By Fareeha Qayoom