Fareeha Qayoom

January 20, 2010

Black Backpack – a symbol of terrorism!

The scanners and security guards have become standard at most important buildings including banks, even restaurants like McDonald’s – the other day, I even saw a sniper hiding on the roof with his gun trained on the entrance of my regular bank – this is not the Pakistan of my childhood… By Fareeha Qayoom
January 18, 2010

War and Peace

Afghan-NATO and Pak-India conflict: Radicalization of youth a growing phenomenon in Pakistan By Aarzoo Naeem Chaudhry
January 16, 2010

The Story of terrible twins – Can there be meaningful Peace with India?

A friend of mine started a discussion on our foreign policy the other day on Pakistanloversforum.com – the question he asked was pretty simple – peace with India but on what grounds? He invited me to take part in the discussion as well. What I said actually concluded that particular discussion and shut everyone up! :) By Fareeha Qayoom
January 13, 2010

Review – True Nightmare on Alam Street

Toni and Guy might be high profile, but versatile and creative? A big fat no! Don’t go to them if you are looking for smart, short locks… By Fareeha Qayoom