Fareeha Qayoom

February 15, 2010
the shoot

Cheap Chic

High style, low budget: the makings of a killer wardrobe on a shoestring By Fareeha Qayoom, (Ghost-writing for Saima Zaidi, the model in the story)
February 15, 2010

Nausheen Saeed: “Nowadays Art has only one value – price”

“I enjoy the technique of mold casting. I like to use natural everyday materials – fiber, clay, plaster, fabric, soap, bread. These are all the tangible materials. I have also used non-tangible substance like text and light," says Saeed. By Fareeha Qayoom
February 15, 2010

Made in Pakistan

Real Clothes for real people made by real people by Fareeha Qayoom
February 15, 2010

Book Review: Why smart Executives Fail?

And what you can do to learn from their mistakes? Author Sydney Finklestein By Fareeha Qayoom