Fareeha Qayoom

June 15, 2009

Beyond China

Speakers at this year’s ASBCI conference defined the changing landscape of global sourcing and spelt out sourcing options in new world of open trading. They agreed that branding, product differentiation, specialization, direct sourcing, vertical integration and consolidation hold the keys to global success. Source - Just-Style.com
June 15, 2009

On the fringe

How do we beat our competition - China, India and Bangladesh? CEO’s and Senior Managers offer insights By Fareeha Qayoom
June 15, 2009

Pakistan’s garment industry

“Silver fiber is the silver lining to the dark clouds of poverty engulfing Pakistan,” he said in his opening statement. “Our fabric processing is poor. If we look at capital investment ratio, China is 28% of total global apparel market. Pakistan is the strongest in comparison, about 20% for USA in category 338 men’s knitted apparel and 339 – women’s knitted apparel alone” By Fareeha Qayoom
April 11, 2011

Pakistan: Why most start-up’s fail?

Failing organizations have one thing in common without fail, they lack ethics – (in other words, when it’s a question of ‘money vs. doing the right thing’, they always pick the money!). They also practice a lot of deceit across the board. By Fareeha Qayoom
April 10, 2011

True blue investments never go out of style

Is this the right time to invest in Real Estate? Valuemag investigates by talking to some influential public figures from diverse business back grounds and finds things are not as bleak as painted by the economic pundits! By Marian Sharaf & Aarzoo Naeem
April 3, 2011

Princess Bride – the movie: Two of my favorite scenes

It’s one of the funniest movies I ever saw then and now. I saw it in my youth (I was barely fourteen at the time and still at school when it came out) By Fareeha Qayoom
March 27, 2011

Sunday’s Playlist: Blast from the past

Here's an eclectic selection of songs that I played this Sunday in an idle moment - enjoy! :)