May 9, 2010

King oF Couture: Tarun Tahiliani

Tarun Tahiliani is considered one of the Kings of Couture and leading Fashion Designers of India – otherwise known as India’s Karl Lagerfeld by many leading fashion critics of his Country By Farrah Naz, Photographs courtesy of Tarun Tahiliani
May 6, 2010

A celebration of lifestyles

An up close and personal look at Ahad’s design Studios By Farrah Naz, Photographs courtesy of Ahad’s Design Studios
May 6, 2010

Friends of Children: The Purpose Driven Women

“The world is a dangerous place to live, not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it.” - Einstein By Farrah Naz, Photographs by Farrah Naz
May 6, 2010

Year in Review – 2005 India vs. Pakistan

Year 2005 was also the year that put WTO in effect in the world. Emerging economies that have not yet arrived like Pakistan were hoping for break through, instead, they lost business to major textile players like China, India and Bangladesh By Fareeha Qayoom
May 6, 2010

Reading 101

Tips from a professional reader By Fareeha Qayoom
May 6, 2010

Special feature earthquake 2005: Rubble takes all

God unleashed His fury on the world in 2005 or was it a simple case of cause and effect? The religious scholars have their theories. The scientists have theirs. The bottom line is both of them are right. It’s all relative. As global citizens, we need to accept responsibility for the rise in man- made destruction and natural disasters that are dogging our world today - we are definitely responsible for the climatic changes, global warming, wars, social injustices and large-scale poverty. So both perspectives explain the same reality – we are responsible. By Fareeha Qayoom
April 28, 2010

Retail Therapy: Summer Fabric Report

Deserted bazaars, empty shops and mediocre merchandise By Fareeha Qayoom
April 25, 2010

Power Games: look who’s talking?

The government is preaching electricity conservation to the converted: it’s not the consumers who don’t pay their bills, or waste electricity or steal electricity from their neighbors or practice corruption on a large scale or is it? By Fareeha Qayoom
April 20, 2010

Classic Whodunit murder mystery Pakistani-style

Who killed Benazir Bhutto? Was this another case of exploding mangoes? By Fareeha Qayoom
April 10, 2010

Book Review: Never wrestle with a pig

And ninety other ideas to build your business and career by Mark H. McCormack By Fareeha Qayoom
March 4, 2012

From the Fashion Capitals of the world: Fall Winter 2012/2013 Fashion Weeks

Marc Jacobs sent models down the catwalk wearing oversized, furry, misshapen hats amid a dreamy baby blue backdrop. The designs combined chunky knits, turn-of-the 20th century hemlines and shoes as well as exotic handbags with unstructured silhouettes and a mix of colors By Fareeha Qayoom
March 3, 2012

Books: Chicken Soup for the Soul revisited

"Most of what I really need to know about how to live and what to do and how to be, I learned in kindergarten. Wisdom was not at the top of the graduate mountain, but there in the sandbox at nursery school." Excerpts from Chicken Soup By Fareeha Qayoom
February 24, 2012

Carl Orff – Carmina Burana – O fortuna played by Royal Philharmonic Orchestra (with lyrics)

Fate, in health and in virtue, is against me driven on and weighted down, always enslaved. So at this hour without delay pluck the vibrating string; since Fate strikes down the strong man, everyone weep with me!
February 24, 2012

Blast from the Past – “I am singing in the rain”

What a Glorious feeling - I am happy again! By Fareeha Qayoom