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October 31, 2011
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The bath started life as simply a place in which to perform daily cleaning rituals. However, over the years and with the changes in people’s lives, these rituals and the bath itself have acquired a newly important and central place in daily life By Saima Malik

The bath started life as simply a place in which to perform daily cleaning rituals. However, over the years and with the changes in people’s lives, these rituals and the bath itself have acquired a newly important and central place in daily life


By Saima Malik



f I had the luxury of free space in my home coupled with a nearly limitless budget what would I indulge in, other than expensive mistakes? A Bathroom to play baseball in of course, as Nickel Back so eloquently puts it in ‘rock star.’ In plain words I mean a classy, bathroom suite. A bathroom suite is distinguished from a mere bathroom by sheer size and is usually attached to the master suite.


luxury bathroom suites

Photos by GM Shah

Here is advice to those lost souls who think bathrooms are just functional rooms – necessary but hardly a place to hang out in – wrong, they can serve as a haven of peace and relaxation, your most personal and private domain. For a woman, her bathroom can be a personal style statement in pleasure, a place to literally kick off your heels, lie back and soak away the pressures of daily life. Sharing with us her exquisite taste and her tastefully done bathroom suites is Anjum Habib.


On entering the huge bathroom your first impression is of pure elegance. The entrance is flanked by floor to ceiling wooden cupboards with glass doors, a perfect showcase for the lady’s clothes and accessories. The focal point (as should be in any bathroom) are the twin ‘He’ and ‘She’ counters done in timelessly enduring ‘Corian’ (read expensive) with real wood base. “I don’t have to share my counter space with my husband anymore” says Anjum with a twinkle in her eye. “Also having them in the middle gives me plenty of room to maneuver and saves me a long trek from one end to another,” she says. The floor and wall tiles are imported ceramic in mosaic pattern and beige color. Off- setting them is the trim in darker shades and electric patterns, which breaks the monotony.


The décor soothes while communicating an impression of boundless luxury. The bathroom fixtures (toilet seat, wash bowls) are exquisite designer made contraptions in white, instead of the traditional common designs. “White not only goes with most color schemes, therefore is fail-safe color, it also enhances the overall décor, as you can see” she says, imparting wisdom to us gawking novices. A separate nook for the toilet seat partially walled, affords privacy, facing the beautiful glass shower stall. The stall is spacious and contains multiple air jet spraying systems. Also, included is a whirl pool bathtub complete with massage options (talk about going all out!). To soak in it at the end of a long day would be a pleasure unimaginable while the shower comes in handy when there is a time constraint.


The bathroom fixtures, taps shower heads etc, are as classy as the rest of the bathroom. Quite simple designs in white edged in gold plating are ideal. The lighting again is perfect, spotlights in false ceiling; the warm soft glow bounces of gleaming surfaces and lightens the mirrors turning the room into a sumptuous vision. “While designing your bathroom, keep in mind, that not only should it be a functional space but it must also provide a restful and appealing environment, it should be your center of serenity, a zone that soothes, pampers and indulges all your senses,” concludes Anjum at the end of our tour.


“Keep that and your budget in mind when you start and you can’t go wrong no matter the size of the bathroom.”


So people, if you have the dough, roll it out for such a bathroom suite, which I think is a complete must-have now that I have glimpsed the divine experience. It offers to turn your mundane routine into the extraordinary. Small baths can provide pleasure, comfort and practicality just as well as large rooms; however, they often have to work a bit harder to be successful. Go for it – don’t hold yourself back because you don’t have a large space to indulge yourself!


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Valuemag issue 4 – Magazine Layout: M. Asif, Photos by GM Shah

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This arti­cle was orig­i­nally pub­lished in the print edi­tion of Val­uemag, issue 4, August 2008



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