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Pak econ­omy

Extreme Man­ag­ing

Apparel, Fash­ion and Tex­tiles


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Regional Pol­i­tics, News and Cur­rent affairs

India and Pak­istan

The Story of ter­ri­ble twins  —  Can there be mean­ing­ful Peace with India?

Moral­ity is the defense of the weak

War and Peace

Pak­istan and USA

Wik­ileaks: loose lips sink ships

Is orga­nized reli­gion los­ing its rel­e­vance in our world?

Clinton’s visit to Pak­istan  –  what the heck hap­pened here?

Pak­istan and Afghan fall­out, Mid­dle East and Cen­tral Asia

Are Pak­ista­nis in denial?

Read­ing between the lines, Divided we fall

The ‘new’ Great Game

National Sym­bols Destroyed

Pak­istan — domes­tic cur­rent affairs

Pak­istan Elec­tions: May 11, 2013 – my story

A tale as old as time – the good guys fin­ish last

Every­thing hap­pens on TV  –  life in the fast lane

Gov­er­nor Taseer’s assas­si­na­tion: is this another case of explod­ing man­gos?

Sugar Cri­sis? What Sugar Cri­sis?

July 27-August 4, 2010: Diary of a con­cerned cit­i­zen

Clas­sic Who­dunit mur­der mys­tery Pakistani-style

Who’s really in charge here?

Econ­omy and Busi­ness

August 14th, 2010  –  Inde­pen­dence Day

Real­ity Check!

Energy cri­sis

Mos­qui­toes, flies and the para­noid!

Heat, flies and load shed­ding

Pak­istan: Life goes on in spite of load-shedding!

Power Games: look who’s talk­ing?

What’s the big idea?

LESCO  –  a res­i­dent evil


Silent and Grey

More Mon­day Blues and Tor­ren­tial Rains!

A story of my road trip from Lahore to Sialkot and back in one day

Hot weather, Rains and Mon­day blues…

Dec 23, 2010 – the first ‘offi­cial’ day of fog in Lahore

July 2010– Mon­soon Rains hit Lahore early


Green Pak­istan

Cot­ton, Tex­tiles and Apparel Indus­try

Moment of Truth (again) for Pak­istani tex­tiles

US Tex­tile imports: Where does Pak­istan stand?

Why is the apparel indus­try down in Lahore?

On the fringe

Pakistan’s gar­ment indus­try

Beyond China

The Low­down on Asif Man­zoor Sheikh

Do we really need Ethics in our busi­ness?

Year in Review  –  2005 India vs. Pak­istan

Spe­cial fea­ture earth­quake 2005: Rub­ble takes all

Made in Pak­istan: Angora’s bold new plan

Made in Pak­istan

Real Estate Busi­ness Diary


Pak­istan for Sale!

How Green was my val­ley?

Global sky­line: Desert Rose

Punjab’s Dying Fields of Gold

True blue invest­ments never go out of style

Fra­grant Har­bor

Role of Finan­cial Insti­tu­tions in Real Estate

Visions of Grandeur and Cas­tles in the Air

Rapid Indus­tri­al­iza­tion: an answer to our dreams or an envi­ron­men­tal dis­as­ter in the mak­ing?

Gift in the eyes of the law

McK­in­ney, Texas: Unique by Nature

Mate­r­ial Mart: Build­ing Blocks

Great Expec­ta­tions

Fine Print of the Law

The US Mort­gage Cri­sis: An Amer­i­can Dream Gone Sour

Wal-Mart Stores: Cus­tomer Sat­is­fac­tion guar­an­teed!

The Start of Some­thing BIG!

Ditch the Sky­scrap­ers!

(Un)Real Estate

Is Archi­tec­ture for the peo­ple?

Turf Wars and food secu­rity

Are you ready for more?

Is your para­chute ready?

Why do cities grow?

The World at War

“Lagaa Reh”  —  Year in Review 2008

And all that I can see is just another lemon-tree!

Free Your Mind

Con­crete Waste­lands

Anatomy of the prob­lem


Tech­nol­ogy:  Google Maps

New Toys

Bank­ing for Dum­mies

Tech­nol­ogy: Top Ten web­sites on cyber­space

Aarzoo’s Pick: Blogs from Pak­istan

Tech­nol­ogy: Why is blog­ging so pop­u­lar any­way?

eXtreme Man­ag­ing

Things I have learnt the hard way

Blood Sports

Nego­ti­at­ing the com­mu­ni­ca­tion mine­field

Why do we pro­cras­ti­nate?

Life and dead end jobs

Crit­i­cism – a sub­tle form of abuse

I can get no sat­is­fac­tion!

Pak­istan: Why most start-up’s fail?

Which mode of com­mu­ni­ca­tion for you?

What do you read to Get Ahead?

Read­ing 101


Rants and Raves

The Empire Strikes Back

The good, the bad and the ugly – Rela­tion­ships

Green Roofs and Indoor Gar­dens

Dou­ble stan­dards

Thank God for roads!

The power of Neg­a­tive think­ing

July 2013: a page torn from the diary of a Pak­istani cit­i­zen

2013: Happy New Year!

Play­ing Ostrich

Raw Power

Pro­cras­ti­na­tion and Writer’s block  –  My typ­i­cal day

Only in Pak­istan


Doom and Gloom Galore

Lost in Trans­la­tion


Never com­plain, never explain

Dog days and Lord of the Flies syn­drome

Ramblings…a work­ing plan for my leisure activ­i­ties

Iftari Any­one?

Ran­dom thoughts on time man­age­ment

News flash for the filthy rich of Pak­istan

All in a Day’s work

Tkfr Poll: Vital Sta­tis­tics  —  just a click away!

Comic sight indeed: Under­wear Heroes!

Some­times old fash­ioned is best!

Cor­rec­tion  –  Our ‘Kameez’ has not evolved from a ball gown!

Bot­tled Water and phi­los­o­phy of life

Only in Pak­istan

Lies, lies and yet more lies

Pak­istan: per­cep­tion vs. real­ity

Bill­boards: the Depic­tion of Women in Pak­istan

Black Back­pack  –  a sym­bol of ter­ror­ism!

I hate Traf­fic Cir­cles!

For­ever in blue jeans

Retail and Shop­ping Trends: Fash­ion and homes

My first bal­let flat slip­pers

Trend Report: Autumn/Winter 2015 fash­ion week trends from New York, Lon­don, Milan and Paris

Trend Report – Spring Sum­mer 2015 New York, Lon­don, Milan and Paris Fashion-weeks

Denim: another fash­ion note from the trenches

“Back to the Land” Eco-Fashion

Retail: Rang Ja very a la coun­try

The Dandy is back!

Year 2013 – Fab­ric Report: Fab­ric prices hit the roof!

Like their style: style muse

Sewing 101: learn­ing how to sew a fine seam

Fall 2013: Fash­ion Weeks – Trend Watch

Retail report: more win­ter sales blues 2

Retail Report: More Win­ters sales blues…

Retail Ther­apy:  Win­ter Sales Blues

New York Fash­ion Week: Spring/Summer 2013|September 6  –  Sep­tem­ber 13,2012

Spring & Sum­mer 2013– men’s fash­ion week(s): Men’s col­lec­tions launched in Lon­don

My inspi­ra­tion board

From the Fash­ion Cap­i­tals of the world: Fall Win­ter 2012/2013 Fash­ion weeks

Retail Report: The Hunt for Red Octo­ber!

Retail Ther­apy: my basic Wardrobe sta­ples wish list

Spring/Summer 2012: NYFW 2012  –  spring is the air!

Men’s Milan Spring/Summer 2012 Fash­ion­week

Denim: Fash­ion note from the trenches

New York Fash­ion Week – Fall/Winter 2011

A tale of two sum­mer jack­ets

Spring sum­mer 2011 – fash­ion week

Milan Fash­ion week: spring/summer 2011 menswear col­lec­tion

Retail Ther­apy: Sum­mer fab­ric report II  –  Saleem Fab­rics

Retail Ther­apy: Sum­mer Fab­ric Report

Retail Ther­apy: Depart­men­tal stores

Review: Seren­ity Hair Salon in Lib­erty

Wish list: shop­ping and retail ther­apy

Review  –  True Night­mare on Alam Street

Win­ter Ready-to-Wear Fash­ions in stores

Homes: Trend Alert Hot List

Great Ideas for homes: Red Hot Finds

Tkfr’s wish list: around the world in six pages

Fash­ion Review: Spring 2006-07 fash­ion fore­cast

The Secret of Bot­tom­less Closet?

Cheap Chic

Cou­ture: fea­tur­ing a con­tem­po­rary bride

Cou­ture: fea­tur­ing a tra­di­tional bride

Retail­ing Pak­istani Style

Big get­ting big­ger and bet­ter in a big way

A new label in town! AU Cloth­ing Com­pany

Spring 2006-07 fore­cast

Inside Story


Satya Paul: A brand for all Sea­sons

A Grand Mas­ter

A Mas­ter Nar­ra­tor

Keep­ing it real

Bold and Beau­ti­ful

The Man behind Nee Pun­hal

A designer with Panache

From PTV to cable TV

Pret A Porter: Paras and Shalini of Geisha Designs have Designs on you

King of Cou­ture: Tarun Tahil­iani

A cel­e­bra­tion of lifestyles

Friends of Chil­dren: The Pur­pose Dri­ven Women

Haute and Siz­zling Vaneeza Ahmed

Yah­sir Waheed: Break­ing new ground

Nausheen Saeed: “Nowa­days Art has only one value  –  price”

Ahmed Ali Butt, not your typ­i­cal actor

Ali Sher: Singing a dif­fer­ent tune

“Medi­oc­rity is accepted every­where in Pak­istan so why not in Art?” ques­tions Qud­dus Mirza

Atif Aslam: A phe­nom­e­nal suc­cess story

Archi­tec­ture and Design

Pak­istan: National Sym­bols

Pak­istan extra­or­di­nary

A City Trans­formed

The Green Miles

Last­ing land­mark of British Raj

A Model Town

Hip and Fun, the place to be

Urban Land­marks: Masjid Wazir Khan, A Dying Legacy

Sur­vival of the Fittest

A Tale of a Great City

Indus­trial spaces: Naveena Denim

Indus­trial spaces: For­est Sweaters

Indus­trial spaces: Firhaj Footwear

Indus­trial spaces: In search of excel­lence

Mys­tic Food Club

Salons: Cool Ele­gance

Salons: Vic­to­rian Fan­tasy

Salons: It’s a man’s world

Cor­po­rate Office Spaces: The Hid­den Value of Smart Office Design

Cor­po­rate office spaces: Bank Alfalah

Cor­po­rate office spaces: Nishat Chun­ian Ltd

Cor­po­rate office spaces: Levi Strauss Pak­istan

Cor­po­rate office spaces: IGI insur­ance Ltd

The Mall, Stand­ing the Test of Time

The Chang­ing cityscape of Lahore

A lit­tle Ital­ian stroke on Lahore’s cityscape

Jam­min’ with Java

A New Flame

Homes and Gar­dens

Dream Homes Cen­tral

Be it ever so hum­ble, there’s no place like home

Sum­mer Love

And then there was light

Mir­ror, mir­ror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?

Vic­to­rian Val­ues

Gar­dens: Blaz­ing Paper Flower

Han­dle with Care

Away from City Strife

Dynamic Duo that’s done it all

Inte­rior Dia­log

Gar­den of Eden

Pretty as a pic­ture

Lux­ury Rede­fined

A Secret Hide­away

A pot­pourri of ideas

Far From the Madding Crowd

Ver­ti­cal Limit

Beauty, Brains and Botan­i­cal Gar­dens

Jazz up your book­shelf

New York chic in Lahore sub­urbs

Instant Gar­den

Design­ing by Nature

That’s What (Lit­tle) Boys Are Made Of!

When less is more

Instant Makeover

A Secret Gar­den

There’s no place like home


Happy by Phar­rell Williams

Book Review: “Adapt” by Tim Har­ford

Anila Q. Agha mak­ing us proud!


Coke Stu­dio – Sea­son 7: effort­less, pro­fes­sional and slick

Book Review: AB Lynn’s the EQ dif­fer­ence – a pow­er­ful plan for putting emo­tional intel­li­gence to work

The Tomor­row Peo­ple – the ‘US and Them’ syn­drome

Enjoy the silence

Things have changed

Books: Mark Tungate’s ‘Fash­ion Brands – brand­ing style from Armani to Zara’

Baked Alaska – home– made style

Ran­dom thoughts on ‘a lit­tle his­tory of the world’

Book Review: Eduardo Porter’s ‘the price of every­thing’

Coke Stu­dio  –  Sea­son 5 Kicks off May 13th with a bang!

Book Review: David Allen’s ‘Ready for Any­thing’

Books: ‘Chicken Soup for the Soul at work’ revis­ited

Books: Chicken Soup for the Soul revis­ited

Carl Orff – Carmina Baruna – O Fur­tuna

Blast from the Past, “I am singing in the rain!”

A few of my favorite Hamd– o-Naats!

Playlist: Blast from the Past X

And yet (cou­ple) more polit­i­cal songs

The Lord of the Rings: Sam’s Speech

Playlist: Blast from the Past IX

The Good Fight: Pro­pa­ganda or just a story?

Playlist: Blast from the Past VIII

Playlist: Blast from the past VII

Playlist: Blast from the Past VI

And yet another polit­i­cal song…

Book Review: Imran Khan’s Pak­istan, a per­sonal his­tory

Book Review: Bill Bryson’s ‘A short his­tory of nearly every­thing’

Happy Ramadan!

Pak­istan: Aspi­ra­tion vs. Real­ity

Sunday’s playlist: Blast from the Past V

Coke Studio-Season 4: And the story con­tin­ues…

Saturday’s playlist: Blast from the Past IV

Sunday’s playlist: Blast from the Past III

Sunday’s Playlist: Blast from the Past II

Princess Bride – the movie: Two of my favorite scenes

Music: Sunday’s Playlist — Blast from the past

Tele­vi­sion: Hooray for com­mer­cials!

Sports: Pak­istan won from Sri Lanka! Yay!!!

Book Review: Hadley Freeman’s The mean­ing of sun­glasses

Book Review: Richard Reeves’ Happy Mon­days

Pakistan’s Top Five Con­tem­po­rary Polit­i­cal Songs

Book Review: Kurt Luchs’ Leave the Gun, Take the Can­noli

Book Review: Isaac Mizrahi’s How to have style

Poetry: Robert Frost: the road less trav­elled

Book Review: The trou­ble with Islam today, a wakeup call for hon­esty and change

The­atre Review: Noises off is a farce!

Movie Review: Tere Bin Laden

My Top 5 favorite videos on the net right now

Coke Stu­dio  –  sea­son 3 Unleashed

Book Review: The Power of Nice

Book Review: Never wres­tle with a pig

Food: Lesser of two evils

Trav­el­ling Text by Anila Q. Agha

Book Review: Why smart Exec­u­tives Fail?

Phuket: a great hol­i­day in the sun

March­ing to a dif­fer­ent beat

Golden Lotus: What is wrong with the chef?

Book Review: “Car­olyn 101 busi­ness lessons from the Apprentice‘s straight shooter”

Book Review: “Sam Saboura’s Real Style”

Book Review on: “Intro­duc­ing Math­e­mat­ics”

Book Review: “Why Good Girls Don’t Get Ahead but Gutsy Girls Do”

The Road Trip to the Outer Banks of North Car­olina

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