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Tkfr Print Edi­tions

Tkfr started from mod­est ori­gins back in 1998. It used to be a 16 page print trade newslet­ter about Knitwear, apparel and tex­tiles of Pak­istan that slowly evolved to 100 pages of glossy stuff by issue 11 (2005) - unfor­tu­nately, the pub­lish­ing indus­try has not really taken off in Pak­istan so its extremely dif­fi­cult to make ends meet for any seri­ous pub­lish­ing com­pany in Pakistan…at least that’s been my expe­ri­ence to date!

Tkfr cover

The Knit-Xtyle Fash­ion Review (Tkfr) cover, issue 3, 1998

It sim­ply costs too much and some­how the rev­enues do not jus­tify the sweat, blood and sheer hard work that goes into mak­ing it to the mar­ket every month! Espe­cially, if you are look­ing at the upmar­ket, glossy, infor­ma­tive and use­ful cat­e­gory of mag­a­zines that spe­cial­ize in a par­tic­u­lar niche, for exam­ple, tex­tiles or real estate or med­ical or aca­d­e­mic or youth etc…there are not enough edu­cated peo­ple inter­ested in read­ing and there­fore, lim­ited num­bers make it very cap­i­tal inten­sive and spon­sors want high cir­cu­la­tion fig­ures…! Where can you find mil­lions of Eng­lish speak­ing read­ers in Pak­istan who actu­ally want to buy your prod­uct? Yeah, that’s a tough one! ;) So the only solu­tion to this problem? Take it the web! Its com­par­a­tively low cost and it has vir­tu­ally unlim­ited reach…you are lit­er­ally talk­ing to the world.

Tkfr (stands for The Knit-Xtyle Fash­ion Review) was an apparel trade mag­a­zine pub­lished from Lahore, Pak­istan, total­ing 13 print edi­tions pub­lished from 1998 to 2006.

Tkfr pri­mar­ily cov­ered the tex­tiles, (manufacturing) industry of Pak­istan —knitwear, woven apparel, and fash­ion indus­try that is specif­i­cally geared for exports— how­ever, we also cov­ered the local fash­ion indus­try: design, ready to wear, cou­ture, retail and man­u­fac­tur­ing in brief. Our objec­tive was to cover the peo­ple who were in the busi­ness — the buy­ers, their agents, the design­ers, the man­u­fac­tures and the retail­ers — in fact the whole sup­ply chain — we were not knits-specific but a major por­tion of our news cov­er­age was related to knitwear because I started my pro­fes­sional career with knitwear.

Valuemag issue 4, 2008

Val­uemag issue 4, August 2008 cover

Val­uemag Print Edi­tions

Val­uemag - a print mag­a­zine about real estate, econ­omy and lifestyles of Pak­istan pub­lished by Cen­tral Media Net­work Pvt. Ltd (CMN). I was its Man­ag­ing Edi­tor from from issue 1 till issue 13 — pro­duced in the period from Jan 2008 to July 2009. It dis­con­tin­ued print­ing for a brief period to come back as a quar­terly in the year 2010 still under CMN man­age­ment with me still at the helm as man­ag­ing edi­tor, unfor­tu­nately, the deci­sion to print got deferred again. The man­age­ment is still think­ing about it. CMN also runs Value TV.

cover tkfr issue 13

Tkfr print edi­tion — issue 13 Jan 2006

Tkfr Mis­sion State­ment

To empower read­ers through infor­ma­tion — cre­ate link­ages — focus on peo­ple instead of processes — talk about the peo­ple who make it all hap­pen — speak out on key issues– get involved — iden­tify, high­light and inves­ti­gate by impar­tial, bal­anced, fac­tual and respon­si­ble report­ing — stand up for fair­ness, truth & the fun­da­men­tal rights of human beings.


All signed arti­cles pub­lished in rep­re­sent the opin­ions of the writer and not those of Tkfr. Any com­ments attrib­uted to peo­ple inter­viewed or cited in Tkfr arti­cles do not rep­re­sent the opin­ions of Tkfr. Fur­ther­more, the ads fea­tured in Tkfr do not reflect Tkfr design or fash­ion aes­thet­ics, these are the sole respon­si­bil­ity of the advertiser/sponsor in ques­tion. All rights reserved. Team:

Pub­lisher & Man­ag­ing Edi­tor: Fareeha Qay­oom

IT Direc­tor: Adnan Q. Qayyum

Tkfr Star Writ­ers & Con­trib­u­tors


IT sup­port, on the web/Web Design and lay­outs — Adnan Qadir Qayyum

Research, reporting/writing and edit­ing: Fareeha Qay­oom.

Photo Cred­its — as indicated/otherwise: GM Shah

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