By Fareeha Qay­oom

Brexit and Trump has exposed what the major­ity, by and large, already know. The world is divided into two:  us and them, the first world and the third world, the black and the white, the rich and the poor, the edu­cated and the illit­er­ate, the priv­i­leged and the dis­ad­van­taged, the favored and the damned, the aris­to­crats and the peas­ants, the natives and the immi­grants, on and on it goes…like an infi­nite loop spi­ral.

This is the sta­tus quo. That’s how the world oper­ates.  Some are born great. Some grab great­ness. Some sit on the fence (pray­ing for great­ness).

We are fond of labels. We like lists. We like to clearly iden­tify the label we are born under and the one we aspire to. Race, reli­gion, gen­der, belief sys­tem, clan, class, nation­al­ity, lan­guage, geog­ra­phy, IQ, appear­ance, etc., – we are divided. We like clas­si­fy­ing human­ity into dif­fer­ent groups. We ‘like’ peo­ple like us. We dis­like peo­ple who are dif­fer­ent, the so called for­eign­ers. The diver­gent. The unciv­i­lized. The oth­ers.

There is one belief sys­tem (and reli­gion) that’s against this sta­tus quo. It’s the old­est orga­nized belief sys­tem in the world; the orig­i­nal — Islam, con­trary to pop­u­lar belief.

The first man, Adam, had a direct hot­line to God. He was not only the first per­son cre­ated by God, he was also given instruc­tions on how to con­duct him­self. In other words, he was God’s first mes­sen­ger to human­ity and the first law-giver. Mus­lims believe that. In fact, we are required to believe in all mes­sen­gers and mes­sages (so there is no ques­tion of ‘bor­row­ing’ from other reli­gions – in fact, other Monothe­is­tic reli­gions are dis­torted ver­sions of God’s orig­i­nal mes­sage and Islam claims to set the record straight for the world’s remain­ing time till judg­ment day.).

There were over 124,000 select few that had this direct hot­line to God. Prophet Muham­mad was the last one. He brought the last and final ver­sion of God’s mes­sage to human­ity. We can take it or leave it. Up to us. There is no com­pul­sion in reli­gion.

What does God/Islam say?

  • God is one. No other gods.
  • Muham­mad (Peace be upon him) was the last and final mes­sen­ger and prophet of God.
  • Human­ity is all equal in the eyes of God. Men and Women. God doesn’t dis­crim­i­nate on the basis of gen­der. Race. Class. Priv­i­lege. Etc.
  • There will be account­abil­ity and a judg­ment day.
  • There is an after­life.
  • God will decide who were good and who were evil.
  • Only those peo­ple will make the grade who bring a ‘pure heart’ to God on the judg­ment day.
  • We all know what is good and what is evil.
  • We are all born with pure hearts.
  • God cre­ated us only to wor­ship Him.
  • We will all return to God.
  • God will set­tle all dis­putes on judg­ment day.
  • There will be no sec­ond chances.
  • We should all worry about our after­life. It will depend on our con­duct in this life.
  • God will for­give all sins except one — (the denial of His exis­tence– ‘shirk’ in other words).

Appar­ently, this is enough cause for Islamophobia…diversity, plu­ral­ism, and tol­er­ance for oth­ers is not accept­able. Remove. Destroy. Kill. Jus­tify.



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