A twenty-first century cosmopolitan city of stunning beaches, one of the world’s most secure travel destinations, luxurious hotels and fabulous beachside resorts with world class shopping; Dubai is one exciting experience after another

By Umer Saud, photographs by Umer Saud

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he very first sight of terminal one really amazed me the moment I landed at Dubai Airport, a multi- storied building with loads of escalators and walking conveyer belts really keeps the flow of passengers and visitors uninterrupted and smooth.

The metro lifestyle of the city becomes evident from the moment you land. A truly cosmopolitan city, from huge shopping malls to amazingly designed commercial structures around the main city Dubai is one of the most desirable places in the world. No wonder all nationalities feel right at home here. The main highway houses most of the mega structures built over the last three years, the construction work never seems to stop. Huge cranes and men at work 24/7 make it look as if they are running a race against time.

Being a visitor, my first choice was to visit the infamous Mall of Emirates – the biggest shopping mall in the world containing an indoor skiing resort – imagine that in the middle of a desert – a truly amazing sight! Besides this, there were many attractions like international brands, Cineplex, Food Court, exciting promotions and last but not the least, the amazing super store. The mall is so huge that it takes days to explore it all.

Ibn-e-Batuta, City Centre and Burjuman were the other shopping malls that took the rest of my three days leaving me in awe and wonder. The creative architecture and practical elevations thrilled me every time I walked into a new building. Desert Safari was a must for I had to see with my own eyes the skills required for dune bashing and still coming out smiling after a session – and mind you, I did. Going up and down the sand dunes was fun especially when it ends with a mouth watering barbecue at night in the desert.

Roads and traffic system was another considerable aspect that impressed me. Strategically planned signals and crossings give equal respect and rights to the pedestrians. Not to mention the chaos there during peak hours which is still quite well controlled making it only a manageable congestion which will soon be taken care of with the construction of new network of wider roads.

I made a point of checking out their unique hotels and beach resorts. From the facilities of a five star hotel to the rawness of a day out at the beach Dubai has everything to offer travelers who visit this beautiful place at different times of the year. May it be the mega shopping festival or off season with hot weather, life goes on at a fast pace in Dubai creating evermore opportunities for the people who come and settle here. Despite a rise in living expenses it is still by far an attractive place for many people. I would suggest that you do visit Dubai at least once to experience the variety of life it carries and the grandeur it holds.

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This arti­cle was orig­i­nally pub­lished in the print edi­tion of Val­uemag, issue 4, August 2008

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