By Fareeha Qay­oom


od likes cir­cles – there are so many in nature; for exam­ple — the earth cir­cles the sun. The moon cir­cles the earth. The elec­trons cir­cle the nucleus. Our blood cir­cles the heart.  On and on it goes. Cir­cles and cir­cles and yet more cir­cles every­where…

Harvest Moon
Photo by Uson­ian

We move in cir­cles too (remem­ber, his­tory keeps repeat­ing itself?) and we are always back to square one?  Our lives move in cir­cles too – prac­ti­cally the same life cycle is expe­ri­enced by every­one — birth, school, job, mar­riage, kids and death.

Time moves in cir­cles too – day into night, months into years, years’ into centuries…By the way, we appar­ently owe all our so-called progress to the inven­tion of the wheel – another cir­cle!

So why am I going on about cir­cles any­way? Well, my point, it’s okay to move in cir­cles! We are all doing it any­way uncon­sciously so what’s the big deal? Time cycles, life cycles, sleep cycles, prod­uct cycles, fash­ion cycles, nature cycles, sea­sonal cycles, cycles, cir­cles what­ever – it’s all good.

Why con­sider “mov­ing in cir­cles” a bad thing? They say, the “clin­i­cal def­i­n­i­tion of insan­ity is the ten­dency to do the same thing over and over again and expect dif­fer­ent results.”  In other words, it’s the nor­mal thing to move in cir­cles! :D

Peo­ple who want progress should calm down, relax and enjoy life – there is no real progress. It’s all about per­spec­tive.

Peo­ple who keep threat­en­ing change should also real­ize things don’t really change; you only get back to square one and start another cir­cle! So it’s just another spi­ral in the infi­nite loop thing…I was telling this to my co-worker the other day, though, my exact words were — “Don’t fear change. Learn to adapt.” In other words, just learn to move in cir­cles too… :D Don’t they say, the more things change, the more they stay the same?


Relax, go with the flow — here’s to cir­cles!

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