WAPDA and Overload’s celebration of life – Batti

By Fareeha Qayoom


was surfing the channels in search of news this morning before leaving for work when I caught the chorus line of Overload’s latest single – “Batti” – loved it; not because the beat was excellent or the vocals were so heartfelt or because the video was interesting…what struck a chord with me were the words – “batti ayay ya na ayay – Dhol bajay ga!” (Literal translation: regardless of power outages, the drum will beat on!”)


Yes, life goes on in Pakistan in spite of WAPDA’s best efforts to grind things to a halt. Overload’s comment on our current affairs is spot on and in retrospect extremely funny since nothing is funnier than the truth…


Here’s Overload’s take on Pakistan’s power outages!

Batti by Overload


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