ou might think it strange that I am post­ing a polit­i­cal song play-list in Muhar­ram. How­ever, it was Muhar­ram 9 and 10 hol­i­days (Decem­ber 16 – 17, 2010) that actu­ally made me think about cur­rent affairs, pol­i­tics and music together. The mas­sacre of prophet’s grand­son Imam Hus­sain and his fam­ily is a clas­sic tale of good vs. evil in a con­tem­po­rary polit­i­cal set­ting. Like all good leg­ends, it is a true story – We might con­sider ‘stand­ing up for Right no mat­ter what’ a loser’s game in today’s world. We might also lack the moral courage to stand up for what’s right. How­ever, we con­tinue to com­mem­o­rate the mas­sacre every year with­out fail since it hap­pened 14 hun­dred years ago – (no mat­ter which Mus­lim sect we might belong to — Sunni, Shia or any other).Che khan or Imran Guevara.
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Last Fri­day, (Dec 10), a senior col­league of mine started a hot and pas­sion­ate dis­cus­sion on cur­rent affairs and religion(during lunch break) – his asser­tion: Pak­ista­nis lack moral courage to stand up for what’s right and that’s why there is a high inci­dence of earth­quakes, floods and other nat­ural calami­ties in our part of the world right now. God is angry with us. We keep select­ing bad lead­ers; he feels that a great major­ity either doesn’t vote or votes in the wrong crowd – he wants a change – for the bet­ter… accord­ing to him, new lead­er­ship should be given a chance — he wants all of us (at work) to vote for Imran Khan – a com­par­a­tively eth­i­cal polit­i­cal leader. Its beside the point that Imran Khan has no polit­i­cal expe­ri­ence at lead­ing the nation and might also make major mis­takes at our expense.

Accord­ing to him, not stand­ing up for what’s right is killing us as a nation — What do you think? Do you agree with him?

In the mean­time, here is a list of top five polit­i­cal songs to come out of Pak­istan…

Laga Rah by Shahzad Roy


Maray Log by Noori


Mori Araj Suno by Tina Sani and Arieb Azhar

(Pun­jabi Lyrics by Poet Faiz Ahmed Faiz)


Bol kay lab azad hain by Tina Sani

Lyrics by Poet Faiz Ahmed Faiz


Main Ny Us Sy Ye Kaha By Lal Band

Lyrics by Poet Habib Jalib


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