Load-shedding sched­ule – why the great big mys­tery?

By Fareeha Qay­oom


am dying to tell you all about the lat­est on the LESCO front (you know their vendetta with ordi­nary con­sumers, like us who dare to go over and voice their protest in per­son about incor­rect meter read­ing, exces­sive billing due to fan­tasy num­ber of units recorded on your bill, sud­den arrears thought up to pay for their line losses, staff inef­fi­cien­cies, and neg­li­gence, and var­i­ous other assorted issues), our elec­tric woes haven’t gone away but that’s another story. Here’s a sneak peek – they sent us a 52K bill on one meter for the month of Feb­ru­ary. Don’t for­get, we have two meters at our place now. The alle­ga­tion is that we had been steal­ing elec­tric­ity or some­thing like that because the num­ber of units dropped on that par­tic­u­lar bill since April 2009! Well, obvi­ously, the num­ber of units should drop when our place was split between two meters – duh! I will tell you all about that when there is a con­clu­sion to this lat­est saga. I have even thought up a fancy title for that story – “the empire strikes back!” (A few days later, the media broke the story that the Sharif broth­ers were caught steal­ing elec­tric­ity from LESCO for one of their GTs! No won­der they are billing ordi­nary con­sumers for stolen elec­tric­ity.)

Energy Saver
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How­ever, today’s rant is not about that. It’s about the exces­sive load-shedding even before the start of the ‘real’ sum­mer. (We are sit­ting in April, 2010 only right now). I am ready to tear my hair out. It’s so frus­trat­ing. Only the rich can afford petrol and gas run gen­er­a­tors, pow­er­ful UPS and other means of alter­na­tive elec­tric­ity sup­ply. For the rest of ordi­nary mor­tals like us, all we can afford are a few can­dles and a mea­ger UPS that can run one energy saver bulb for a cou­ple of hours! (Ours was bought for the com­puter in the good old days when we were com­par­a­tively more solvent!)We had another UPS but the bat­tery used to keep conk­ing out so we gave that away gratis. We are think­ing of buy­ing those new fan­gled lights and fans that store elec­tric­ity like a bat­tery and light up when there is an out­age. We are bet­ter off than thou­sands oth­ers. They can’t even afford a mea­ger UPS or a steady sup­ply of can­dles for the full month. So thank God for small mer­cies. No, this is not rant about haves and have-nots. This is a rant about dis­re­spect and lack of con­sid­er­a­tion for your fel­low human beings by the pub­lic ser­vants. This is rant about let­ting your econ­omy go hang, let­ting your cit­i­zens become unem­ployed because you can’t solve the basic prob­lems of your coun­try!

For the past cou­ple of weeks, power out­ages have taken a new turn in Pak­istan – 10 – 12 hours in urban areas, 14 – 16 hours in rural areas. The funny thing is; domes­tic con­sumers have not turned up the Air con­di­tion­ing (AC) on yet. They aren’t crazy…with the elec­tric­ity rates going up yet again in April; they sim­ply can’t afford to run even a sin­gle AC 24/7. It’s beside the point that LESCO might not let them because of the exces­sive load-shedding any­way! My point, why are they doing load-shedding when peo­ple are asleep? Last time I checked, Pak­istan has only one time zone so all cit­i­zens keep the same hours. Why are they shed­ding the load dur­ing the night hours?

All I want to know is; why can’t they post a sched­ule for all their con­sumers? Is it too much to ask? Who was the Ein­stein who came up with one hour on, one hour off power out­ages plan any­way?  (The com­mer­cial con­sumers have all bought pow­er­ful Gen­er­a­tors and UPS and have just trans­ferred the costs of doing busi­ness in Pak­istan to the con­sumers — the ones who can’t have declared bank­ruptcy, shut down their doors qui­etly, down­sized all their local staff and migrated to greener pas­tures –the only peo­ple impacted are small busi­ness units, peo­ple who work from home and domes­tic con­sumers who have no choice but to strug­gle on!).Why can’t they let any­body get any sleep at night or get any work done dur­ing the day?

At this point, I am even will­ing to embrace the con­spir­acy the­o­ries floated by Zayd Hamid on TV One that our gov­ern­ment is work­ing for some sin­is­ter for­eign power (read Zion­ists!) and is intent on try­ing to ruin Pakistan’s econ­omy in the short­est time pos­si­ble while it receives kick­backs and dual nation­al­i­ties for all its staff and their kids’ as poten­tial reward for work well done! (Naw, I am kid­ding, seri­ously no for­eign government/power in their right mind can fund such a huge gov­ern­ment and their weird spend­ing sprees — It would be like dump­ing money down a giant black hole. It would never be enough – you know what I mean?) Whose side is the gov­ern­ment on really? Do they even care about their national agenda? Do they even know what should be the national agenda? Sigh.

Electricity supply, Ooty, India 2005
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Impos­ing 15 per­cent VAT on all goods and ser­vices in cou­ple of months, charg­ing GST now, let­ting the dol­lar hike against the rupee, set­ting up free trade mar­ket econ­omy with­out any reg­u­la­tion what­so­ever, tax­ing every­thing within sight, your income, your sav­ings, your spend­ing, your assets, goods and ser­vices, where can you go? Nepal? Africa? Obvi­ously, the green pass port is not all that pop­u­lar in the west­ern world. Do they even care? If they had to sit through hours of load-shedding, may be they would under­stand but the load-shedding is for the riff-raff of this econ­omy – the pro­duc­ers and the con­sumers – the gov­ern­ment has more impor­tant stuff to take care off – like how to swing the next IMF loan to pay for this one…since the gov­ern­ment is not inter­ested in doing any­thing for its cit­i­zens, why are we even pay­ing their salaries? May be we should fire every­one and run Pak­istan with­out a gov­ern­ment? There would hardly be any change since no one seems to be in charge even now – we would be just minus a huge expen­di­ture bill on noth­ing (pay­ing a lot of incom­pe­tent peo­ple to loot us and sell us down the river for a mere pit­tance to any­one who is inter­ested in buy­ing a piece of us! Yes, I am talk­ing about the pri­va­ti­za­tion com­mis­sion).

Their one hour on and one hour off strat­egy is not very pro­duc­tive – you can’t sleep, you can’t work, you can’t do any­thing except get frus­trated.  (Did I men­tion that this sched­ule is play­ing havoc with your water sup­ply as well as your UPS’s per­for­mance?) By the time you fig­ure out their sched­ule and adjust your work­day around them, they change it. Take yes­ter­day night as an exam­ple; they didn’t do load-shedding for three hours straight dur­ing the small hours – so why am I crib­bing? I should be grate­ful – well, I am not because I was plan­ning to do some work but because it was unex­pected, I had closed down my com­puter and waited for the axe to fall. It never hap­pened. I didn’t get back to work because they had bro­ken my flow. (My com­puter is already suf­fer­ing because of unex­pected shut-downs. I will have to get it fixed). In the end, dis­gusted with the whole thing, I went to bed and fell asleep. The three-hour lever­age was prob­a­bly because it was ZAB’s anniver­sary or birth­day or some­thing. I don’t really know or care.  Bhutto was before my time and he is dead. (I was in grade one when he died!) Ok, he was a national hero but so what? It’s over. Can we please move on?

So is any­one really work­ing on the energy cri­sis? By the way, you don’t elim­i­nate poverty by mak­ing your sol­vent and skilled poor too – you elim­i­nate poverty by cre­at­ing jobs and oppor­tu­ni­ties for the unskilled, semi-skilled and skilled. You cre­ate infra­struc­ture and an envi­ron­ment for your cit­i­zens so all of them can con­tribute to their own growth and ulti­mately to your country’s growth. In other words, you cre­ate assets, not lia­bil­i­ties! ■

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