Photo-story by Fareeha Qay­oom

Lets get Real…

Real Clothes for real peo­ple made by real peo­ple

made in Pakistan photostory cover

Adil is wear­ing a print tee in a fresh new hot color — turquoise. (Made by Leisure Tex­tiles). The print tee is by cK Jeans. The low-rise, dis­tressed jean is by Diesel.

made in Pakistan 2

Adil is wear­ing a print tee by cK Jeans. Shahrukh is also wear­ing a tee by cK Jeans and low-rise jeans by Denim & Co. Saima is wear­ing a low-rise stretch cross hatch denim jean by 20X, a VF brand, a tee by Tommy Jeans. (Made by Angora Tex­tiles)

made in Pakistan 3

Shahrukh is wear­ing a printed tee by cK Jeans. (Made by Leisure Tex­tiles).

made in pakistan 4

Adil is wear­ing a printed tee by cK Jeans (Made by Leisure Tex­tiles). Jeans by Deisel.

made in pakistan 5

Adil is wear­ing a printed tee by cK Jeans. (Made by Leisure Tex­tiles). Saima is wear­ing a red tee by Tommy Hil­figer. (Made by Angora Tex­tiles). Inset: Green tee by Tommy Hil­figer, yel­low tee by Tommy Jeans, grey tee by Levi’s sig­na­ture brand, black tee by 20X. (All 4 made by Angora Tex­tiles).

made in pakistan 6

Saima is wear­ing Tommy Jeans tee (Made by Angora Tex­tiles). Adil is wear­ing cK Jeans tee. (Made by Leisure Tex­tiles).

Pho­tos, Lay­out, makeup and Styling by Fareeha Qay­oom; Photo Tech by Adnan Q. Qayyum; Mod­els: Adil Sher, Shahrukh Chaudhry and Saima Zaidi

This arti­cle was orig­i­nally pub­lished in the print edi­tion of “The Knit-Xtyle Fash­ion Review,” (Tkfr), issue 12, Octo­ber 2005

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