thats whatAlong with the pre­req­ui­site slime and snails and puppy dog tails, tkfr finds out what it takes to make a sin­gle guy’s room his own

By Mar­ian Sharaf Joseph

Yes, guys are rough, and for the most part they are least both­ered about almost any­thing under the sun. But try step­ping into their per­sonal turf and you’ve opened the Pandora’s Box! They become fussy about the nitty gritty. Their “No, it doesn’t mat­ter” is actu­ally exactly the oppo­site! A guys’ room is the one place in the whole house they can proudly claim as their “king­dom.” Guys aren’t into fancy wall­pa­per­ing and silk draperies with adorable pic­tures all around. The fol­low­ing young men let loose their reins on pri­vacy and revealed their inner sanc­tums. Diverse as their back­grounds are, one thing is for sure, Guys love their Bach­e­lor Pads!


thats what 2“For me my room is a retreat from the out­side world. It is my small king­dom in which every­thing has to go my way. It’s where I relax and spend most of my time, alone or with friends.”

And as a con­sum­mate host, his room is a hub for enter­tain­ment. From lis­ten­ing, play­ing and record­ing music to watch­ing movies and play­ing video games, he has it all. “I have tried to keep my room warm and relaxed, because at the end of a long day, peace of mind is what I need. My room is an exten­sion of myself, “says Daud. “I can’t live with­out my com­puter. It stores all my music and all my pic­tures which I have taken over the years, so it’s my most prized pos­ses­sion!” thats what 3Daud Ran­dle

Salman NaeemSalman Naeem


Salman Naeem Room“This room is where I can do any­thing and every­thing my way. I actu­ally had to fight with my par­ents for this room since it was my grandfather’s and I was very close to him. I like the way it’s been designed, there are two exits; the main door that leads to the kitchen, which is pretty close by and the other is an exit through the wash­room that leads to the main door and out in the garage.”

“I don’t have much stuff in my room. I threw it all out. Too much stuff can suf­fo­cate you! The win­dows in my room are wide, per­fect for ven­ti­la­tion. I wanted space espe­cially since my friends hang out here.”

He under­scores his desire to be rid of clut­ter by hav­ing only a mat­tress and no bed, leav­ing plenty of space to spread out books and work on the lap­top as well. “The only things I have oth­er­wise in my room are fam­ily pic­tures and memen­tos given to me by friends.”

Salman Naeem Room

Ali XavierAli Xavier


Ali Xavier room Ali Xavier room“A room with a sur­real view is any teenagers’ dream,” declares Ali Xavier. “I, myself designed my own room, I kid you not,” he says. “Red walls with LP Records and mahogany on the other side, set the mood for absolutely bohemian rhap­sody.”

Ali is a heavy metal afi­cionado, espe­cially fond of grunge band Nir­vana, whose posters plas­ter the four walls. “My room is a mere reflec­tion of my inspi­ra­tions and ele­ments that arouse me. This snug den of mine has every­thing I need; from the deaf­en­ing sur­round sys­tem to the cozy couch that nes­tles my holy weapon: my gui­tar. This is all I could ask for; the dusky lamp at one end teamed with head-banging tracks played in the back­ground cre­ates a great ambiance. In a nut shell, my room inspires me to cre­ate great music.”

“I have an excel­lent study area that I hardly use; it’s a nice neat cor­ner. The rest of the set­ting is arranged in a way that my friends can sit on the sofa or on the floor, jam and hang around.”

So what makes a boys room his very own? Well, if it were up to these three guys it’s all about the enter­tain­ment fac­tor! But more impor­tantly, it’s what­ever they want it to be because it’s theirs.Ali Xavier Room

This arti­cle was orig­i­nally pub­lished in the print edi­tion of Val­uemag, issue 2, June 2008.

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