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Year in Review: 2016


Decem­ber is the month we take stock and build on the suc­cesses and fail­ures of the past. We also cre­ate new res­o­lu­tions. Well, I don’t have any new res­o­lu­tions. I have only old.

By Fareeha Qay­oom

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Shahi Hamam — Then and Now


Shahi Hamam: then and now!

By Fareeha Qay­oom,
Pho­tos by GM Shah — 2009 (Then) and 2015 (Now) Cour­tesy of Faiza Sharif

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The Good, the Bad and the Ugly — Relationships

comic 3

…There are so many unhappy, neg­a­tive peo­ple around, espe­cially in Pak­istan – our whole cul­ture revolves around crit­i­ciz­ing some­one, com­plain­ing about some­one, gang­ing up and bul­ly­ing some­one, pick­ing on some­one who is dif­fer­ent, bitch­ing, com­plain­ing, moan­ing, groan­ing, whin­ing, carp­ing, we spend all our lives just talk­ing neg­a­tive – in our homes, schools, work­places, tele­vi­sion pro­grams, news­pa­pers…

By Fareeha Qay­oom

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Blood Sports

toxic hostile workplace

Hos­tile, Toxic Work­place Envi­ron­ment

By Fareeha Qay­oom

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A Grand Master

spotlight cover

A teacher par excel­lence– Masood Hameed is also a lead­ing artist, painter and inte­rior designer

By Zon­aira Chaudry

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Survival of the Fittest


Our pho­tog­ra­pher at Val­uemag is out on a new mis­sion. With the cam­era in his hand Shahji hunts down can­did moments cap­tur­ing any excit­ing expres­sion he feels is worth shar­ing. Each pic­ture is at least worth a thou­sand words! Enjoy!

Pho­tographs by GM Shah, Text by Mar­ian Sharaf Joseph

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Victorian Values

victorian values cover

Three dis­tinct Draw­ing Rooms with a vari­a­tion on the same theme — British Raj and Vic­to­rian influ­ences still play a key role in our dec­o­ra­tive schemes for draw­ing rooms
By Saima Malik

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Away from City Strife

Drawing Room

Retd. Maj. Gen­eral Mustafa and his wife maybe city born but they love the coun­try life

By Aar­zoo Naeem Chaudhry

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Dynamic Duo that’s done it all

dynamic duo

Inno­v­a­tive and ground break­ing ideas men who offer you one-stop solu­tions for all your build­ing and design needs

By Nazish K Sid­diqui, Pho­tographs by SR Design­works

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Industrial spaces: Naveena Denim – Tailored to Perfection


Naveena Group has grown by leaps and bounds to branch out not only within its core tex­tile busi­ness but has also incor­po­rated tech­nol­ogy ori­ented ser­vices in its line of busi­nesses.
By Fareeha Qay­oom

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Industrial spaces: In search of excellence

insearch of excellence

Case Study – Lahore Sub­ur­bia, Zon­ing and Indus­trial design under scrutiny

By Fareeha Qay­oom

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Mystic Food Club

mystic food club

A hot new club in town! OPM is a Food Club with a dif­fer­ence, not only do they have a café, a restau­rant and a grill, they have a billiard/ pro­jec­tor room as well as a place for cor­po­rate meet­ings, musi­cal evenings and casual GTs

By Aar­zoo Naeem Chaudhry

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Beauty Salons: Cool Elegance

cool elegance

A salon is no longer needed to hold the basic hair­cut­ting chair, mir­rors and make up tables. The décor is as much part of the sales pitch as well sharp­ened scis­sors and clean brushes

By Saima Malik

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Beauty Salons: Victorian Fantasy

Victorian fantasy

Maaram and Aabroo have changed their inte­rior four times since the start of the salon each time with dif­fer­ent and more dar­ing idea then before

By Zon­aira Chaudry

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Men’s Grooming: It’s a man’s world

its a man's world

“Men are the new women,” is a slo­gan at Khawar Riaz’s salon

By Mar­ian Sharaf Joseph

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